Time Management for Students

Time management helps increase a person's productivity. Time management is even more important for a student. Whether you are a high school student or a college student, you need to learn the time management skills in order to get better grades. More often than not, college students struggle due to lack of time management skills. They need to spend time in classroom sessions, review sessions, group studies, projects, assignments and co-curricular activities.

5 Ways to Bridge the Gap and Reconnect With Your Girl

One of my most favorite, creative and playful ways to help kids and teens become more aware of where they are today compared to where they would like to be is to build a big, fabulous bridge. Sometimes they build this bridge on their own, allowing them to really focus in on themselves, while other times they build it with others, allowing them to focus in on the connections they are making with those around them.

ADD, Moods or Just Old Fashioned Temperaments

Roberto Trostli writes "The primary task of a Waldorf teacher is to understand the human being in body, soul and spirit. From this understanding will grow the approach, the curriculum, and the methods of an education capable of addressing the whole child." This, I believe, is the secret to successful parenting as well. Parents as well as teachers who can develop a sense of understanding and deciphering temperaments will gain a deeper sense of understanding where the behaviors of the child come from.

Foods for Picky Eaters and Children With Sensory Issues

In preschool, Cole and his classmates were introduced to the story of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. They were excited when their teacher actually cooked up ham and fried eggs with green food coloring. Inspired by the story, all the children took a bite to discover whether they, too, liked green eggs and ham-all, that is, except for Cole. Cole's sensory processing issues made it extra hard for him to tolerate any new food, so while he understood the point of the story, he wasn't going anywhere near that "icky stuff.

Qualifications for Youth Ministry Leadership

If you are serving in a church or parish, you will need some qualifications for youth ministry leadership. Here are the criteria: 1. Positive Role Model. A lot of young people need mentors and role models. The media is already full of them. But these media personalities seldom qualify as the ideal role model for kids. The youth ministry leaders should therefore be good Christians who are leading by example and not just by position.

Youth Leadership Academy

During a Youth Leadership Academy, young people learn a lot of things about themselves and the world they live in. They come to realize that they have a place in this world and that what they do matters. While adults may feel protective of young people, they are already facing a lot of things in their daily lives. As such, the presence of Youth Leadership Academy helps them come to terms with these realities.

Youth Leadership Camp

A youth leadership camp is usually held by an organization to teach youth about the basics of leadership and how they can use their skills and talents towards achieving their vision, mission and goals. It is a great means toward empowering teenagers and young adults so they can develop and work for their future. It is important for these young people to understand the lessons and take them to heart so that the youth leadership camp becomes successful and they can start living better lives.

Youth Leadership Training Program

If you are looking for the perfect youth leadership training program, you won't find it. But if you know what you want and you are willing to specify the kinds of skills you want to develop among your youth group or young people protйgйs, then you can make the most out of any leadership training program. What do these young leaders need? It all begins with the needs of the young leaders.

Are Girls Harder to Raise Than Boys?

Hard to say, really. I always wanted boys, thinking that they'd be easier to raise. And let's face it, boys don't actually get pregnant. My stepmother who had quite a few of each gender said she preferred girls. Or at least found them easier. Her view was that boys were hard work all the way, whereas you just had to keep the girls from getting pregnant or married too young!

Choosing School Playground Equipment

Anyone thinking of purchasing School Playground Equipment for their School or other educational institute must consider several factors before making a decision. Such as, which age group are you aiming at? How can you ensure that you supply the correct school play equipment for the ages concerned that will keep them excited yet safe at the same time?

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