How Can You Tell If Your Child Is Being Picked On?

Does your child come home from school upset and crying, yet she can't tell you why? Does your child refuse to go to school quite often, and want to stay home? If so, you're not alone. Many kids are picked on and bullied at school. When this happens, they don't want to go to school because they feel abused and trampled on.

There is nothing worse than that for your child. These kinds of abuse could have a negative impact on your child for years to come, and sometimes for a lifetime. There are things that we, as parents, can do to help our child if (s)he is picked on at school. Here are a few tips to determine whether your kid is being picked on.

1. Does your child talk about her friends? Many times, if your child doesn't talk about her friends, she doesn't feel that she has any friends that she can count on. This could point to problems later on. Your child may be unable to relate to other kids because they are picking on her. Or the kids that were supposed to be her friend could be abusing your child.

2. Does your child come home with torn clothes or books? Many times when our child comes home and her clothing is torn we tend to think that our child just slipped and fell or just turned around and ripped her jacket. This isn't always the case since if your child comes home with torn clothes often, it is not her fault. It is time for you to inquire further.

3. Does your child have problems sleeping? Many times, our child may have a difficult time relaxing and going to bed because of the abuse. This may be because she is scared of what is going to happen the next day or because she just is too hurt and overwhelmed to go to sleep. If your child can't sleep, maybe its time to have a bedtime practise of talking to your child about her day or just empathically listening to your child.

4. Does your child have a loss of appetite? Many times, kids who are abused by other kids at school loose their appetite. Most kids are hungry when they come home from school. If your child isn't hungry, it is time to empathically probe why this may be the case. This isn't always easy. But you can really find out a lot just by listening attentively to your child.

In conclusion, it is very important for parents to find out if their child is being abused or picked on at school. It is important for parents to remember that this is not their child's fault. You have to find a way to talk to your child and to let her know that you really want to help and that you care about her well being. If you have an open and empathic attitude towards your child, she will probably open up and tell you all about her day and whether or not she is being picked on.

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