The Male Chastity Belt

Recently a magazine carried an intriguing item about the male chastity belt among other things auctioned by Iberia the Spanish Airlines. The item was left behind by a passenger and remained unclaimed for more than eight months. The word male chastity belt conjured many ideas and images in my mind. First I want to doff my hat to the lady who conceived the idea, invented the device and implemented it by making her husband or beau wear it.

Humor Column: Light Up The Sky Like A Flame

Fame is diluted. It used to be you had to DO something- a skill, a talent- acting, singing, telling jokes, something- that you were famous for. Now you can be famous for being famous. So why don't we just have awards for just being famous. The Fame Awards. We could have awards for: * Best Famous for Being Famous * Worst Parenting of A Child Star or Singer * Best Use of Claiming 'Sexual Addiction' to Cover Getting Caught Cheating * Best Scientologist * Best Use of Plastic Surgery to Try to Stay Relevant * Best Use of AutoTune to Cover Lack of Singing Ability Fame brings opportunity.

Why Is There a Dead Pakistani on My Couch?

I've got a question for you. Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch? Ever since the Google keyword suggestion tool started some years ago, funny and somewhat inappropriate suggestions can randomly pop up during innocent searches. One of the internet's favourite Google keyword suggestions is "Why is there a dead Pakistani on my Couch?" This bizarre question actually has humble beginnings in the in a short scene in the American television series "Lost, " created by Jeffrey Lieber, J.

Jokes From The Closet! The Traditional Thief!

Old time traditional thieves were quite lovable. You may strongly disagree with this rather bizarre view. But it is likely you may change your opinion once you know about them in some of the old time jokes. Traditional thieves normally prowl in the nights-mostly black moon dark ones-looking for a door left open by chance or any opportunity to sneak into a house unnoticed.

The Benefits of Being Funny

Humor is a very powerful tool which makes it easy to accept and being accepted by eliminating the defense mechanisms. Just like the attraction of the beauty, it creates an effect of attraction at least as powerful as the beauty itself, and thus opens all the doors. No matter how angry or serious you are a cleverly done joke is capable to destroy the walls of your ego suddenly which uncovers the beautiful person in you.

Tips for Telling Great Jokes

A joke is a way of telling interesting and funny situations in a form of short stories to make people laugh. Telling jokes is a great way of communication and is considered an art. By reading this article you may not learn this art fully, but can manage to tell jokes without frustration. Here are some rules to pay attention when telling jokes. A good joke;

Humor Column: Brianna Will See You Now

I walked into Discount Hair for my haircut. After they called my name, I plopped into a chair. Carla sat in the next chair, taking the last drags off her Marlboro Red, the final pull burning into the filter. Her slightly graying brown hair framed her tired face. Smoke rings filled the stagnant air. She studied me through the haze. "How would you like your hair cut today?

Free Comedy Podcasts - A Guide to the Best Comedy Radio Online

The Internet has changed the way people listen to the radio with the advent of the podcast. Tons of free comedy podcasts have been created by comedians, giving you an overwhelming amount of options when it comes to enjoying comedy radio online. I've created this helpful guide to highlight the best comedy podcasts the Internet has to offer. The 1980s saw a huge increase in the number of stand up comedians and comedy clubs.

Los Angeles Comedy - Up and Coming Stand Up Comedians in the LA Comedy Scene

The phrase up and coming won't apply to stand up comedian Kyle Kinane much longer. He's already taped an episode of Comedy Central presents that is set to air this year, and spent the entire summer touring as an opening act for Patton Oswalt. A fixture in the LA comedy scene, Kyle originally started performing stand up comedy in Chicago before making the journey west and establishing himself as an LA comedy star.

Crisis Market

I went to a local market recently to add to the insipidity of my existence with clothes pegs, scouring pads and children's colouring books, but left with a premature mid-life crisis. Having browsed the fleece jumpers and porcelain animal sections of this archaic hell, I stumbled upon a stall flogging Taiwanese produced footwear. The creature guarding the crypt of despair donned the kind of apparel that Slovenian cattle farmers ditched 25 years ago and had a big gap where you would expect to see some teeth, definitely the kind of man you can see saying "don't need a bath, it rained all day today".

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