Things To Consider Before Becoming A Stand Up Comedian

It's easy to watch a comic on stage and think, "Damn, I wish told jokes for a living." It looks so fun and easy: saying whatever you want; getting paid to travel and make people laugh; working 45 minutes a day. It's enough to make you overcome life's greatest fear - speaking in public - and pursue a comedy career of your own. But before you submit your two-week notice and begin studying Judy Carter's Stand-Up Comedy: The Book, give some thought to the off-stage realities of comedy.

Standup Comedian: How To Get Bookings

Every profession possesses one prominent wince; a thorn in the proverbial saddle, as it were. Poll any number of comedians and dealing with bookers will take top honors as the number one gripe. You probably have a better chance of calling North Korea and getting Kim Jong-il on the phone than you do with some bookers. They are very adept at making themselves unavailable.

Jon Stewart - The Second Born With an Attitude

American political satirist, television host, and stand up comedian. Known for The Daily Show that puts a satirical slant to news stories Early Years Born November 28th 1962, Jon is the younger brother of Lawrence Leibowitz. Both Jon and Lawrence are the same age during each year so they may be no more than one year apart. With two different names are they step-brothers from two marriages?

Famous Funny Quotes

Humor has been used throughout the ages to challenge authority, deal with fear and to just plain entertain. For most of us, humor is a necessity of life. However, humor is subjective, some comedy is dependent upon its historical context for example, and therefore, not all jokes are enjoyed by all people. However, this list of famous funny quotes is a timeless selection, which spans a broad range of humor, from men and women of varying backgrounds.

Winter Whoas!

With its cold weather and long, dark nights, winter has never been my favorite season, but this year Old Man Winter has been especially harsh with us. We have suffered through frigid temperatures, teeth chattering wind chills and staggering snowfalls. Our local groundhogs did not see their shadows portending a well deserved early spring for us.

Standup Comedy: Pros and Cons To A Comedic Character

Pros 1)The greatest advantage of portraying a defined character is that you'll have instant connection with your crowds. They'll know what to expect from you. 2) A defined character makes it easy to write. Knowing your angle allows you to frame every premise towards your character's sensibilities. Plus, if you reach Larry the Cable Guy's stature, it's easy to hire a cable of writers since they know your voice and your audience.

Stand Up Comedy: How To Have Great Stage Presence

Delivery is probably the most overlooked aspect of stand-up comedy. It pertains to how you deliver your jokes. This could mean inflections, volume of voice, type of emotional backing, physical movement, and/or the use of props or musical instruments. As a gauge to how important it is, imagine how effective Sam Kinison's act would had been had he delivered his material in a more hushed tone.

3 Funny Reasons I Wouldn't Get Swords When Hungry

This is something you really need to read about how a very bad day at work, became a very funny one. Three days ago I was driving back one from work. That was a roughest day in weeks. I had so many things to do, that I forgot to eat anything. I was starving and on a very bad mood. I was so hungry that I published it on my Facebook wall. Couple of minutes an old friend answered me back saying "Hey you are starving and you like swords don't you?

My Grandpa Went Fishing Don't Cross The River

There is an old proverb that says: 'Don't cross the bridge, until you reach the river'. And sure it is a metaphor for not being rush in our decisions and to follow the logical sequence of events. But I never thought that this proverb will be applied literally to my Grandpa. I even was surprised that he didn't follow such a classic and known proverb.

The Joy of Spreadsheets

So it's another weekday, which means it's another work day. I'm bored out of my head. Don't you hate it when you tell someone you're bored and they say "I've got plenty of work for you to do", to which you have to reply "Oh I have heaps of work to do, it's just all really boring". So I've decided to spend my day making a spreadsheet. I don't know what it is about spreadsheets that make me so happy, but for some reason filling in all those cells with data, sorting the data, entering formulas, highlighting coloumns/rows, entering formulas!

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