Do You Believe in Psychic Wellness? Neither Do Those Who Prefer REAL Wellness

A newspaper story (Lily Koppel, "Would You Ask a Psychic for Stock Tips? More Often, Clients Do, " New York Times, September 22, 2008) has given me a new, possible breakthrough idea about how to be successful offering wellness advice. Instead of spending hours and days preparing elaborate essays, scholarly papers, dazzling lectures, brilliant presentations and conducting tedious research for books with footnotes, quotes and such, I might have more impact claiming special powers.

Top 5 Ways to Get Bail Bonds - A Sarcastic, Humorous Look

Some of you wonder at times how to get bail bonds in Van Nuys. We have put together a list of possible ways to do this. Now, there are currently 100′ s of ways to obtain bail bonds in Van Nuys, but we are only going to list some of the most popular choices by our current criminal base and idiot offenders. This article is NOT how to get bailed out, but is a spoof on how people get arrested and end up getting issued bail bonds by the police department.

Apples and Berries

First there was a separatist movement amongst the people when they opted for the more professional gadget. Soon there was another group who advocated and flaunted their own gorgeous gadget. Time passed and the bond of loyalty was developed towards their respective brand. The feelings were so deeply rooted that these two were no less than the groups who practiced ethnic or religious separatism.

Best Three Actress of Bollywood

Aishwarya Rai Actress was a model and won the Miss World titlein 1994. She started acting after becoming Miss world. Rai has acted in over 40 films in Hindi, English, Tamil and Bengali. She made her acting debut in Mani Ratnam's Tamil film Iruvar in 1997. The film was a critical success. Besides winning many awards, the film won the best film award.

Escape The Crocodile Attack By Offering Him Your Phone

An amazing fact about a crocodile revealed when the Ukrainian crocodile called, Gena got sick after eating the mobile phone of one of the visitors on last Friday. According to the BBC news, the visitor Rimma Golovko was trying to take a picture of the African Gena opening his mobile when her phone slipped into his mouth. No one listened to the complaints of Golovko, until the 14 years old Gena stopped eating.

Finding Good Comedy Clubs or Venues in Your Area

If you want to be entertained through comedy, there are quite a good number of different sources that you can take a look at. But as we all know, going out to a comedy bar and watching a live comedian is still the best decision to go with. It depends on where you may be, you can go visit a number of different comedy bars to witness live comedy, or you can also go and travel to famous comedy bar and get entertained by well known comedians.

10 Hilarious Videos From 2010

2010 was another year filled with hilarious viral videos. Here are some of the best laugh-inducing videos from last year. 1.) Antoine Dodson's Autotuned "Bed Intruder" Song. Thanks to the clever guys at Autotune the News, this little gem came out. Now Antoine Dodson is promoting apps to help stop potential sex offenders and even has a milkshake named after him.

A Faustian Bargain

As I finished my last drink and prepared to retire for the night, the door bell chimed. A tall, dark, handsome gentleman, immaculately dressed as if he were returning from a dinner at Buckingham Palace stood outside. His skin, although dark, looked exceptionally bright with a strange sheen, and his eyes sparkled. His commanding presence demanded immediate attention and utmost civility.

How To Write Comedy To Make People Laugh Part 6

This is perhaps the most difficult article to write, because comedy is so subjective. It all originates in someone's mind. That is, what may be funny to someone may be offensive to another. Then what does it take to write good comedy that can make people laugh. Based upon this writer's observations over the years, here are some basic tips: * First, you must have a real sense of humor, but use gentle humor.

Office Humor: The Fine Line Between a Laugh and a Pink Slip

Humor can bring a breath of fresh air to an otherwise lackluster office environment. But when pulling practical jokes at the office, you can definitely go too far. The following are a few office pranks that are work appropriate, as well as some themes that have no place there. The Office Appropriate Pranks The following are a few funny office gags that won't result in you looking for a new job.

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