Bach, The King and I, With Time On Our Hands

Johann Sebastian Bach Visits the King Johann Sebastian Bach's visit to the Court of King Frederik the Great in Berlin as related by Johann Maria Dannemann Bach, the wife of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, the second son of JS Bach. My father-in-law, Johann Sebastian Bach, was just here in Berlin for a visit. It was such a joy for all of us to spend time together.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, sometimes called the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis, were constructed by the Babylonian King, Nebuchadrezzar II, around 600 B.C. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were located in modern day Iraq, close to the Euphrates River. King Nebuchadrezzar II presumably erected the immense lofty gardens to soothe his lover, Amytis, who yearned for the scenic green splendor of Media, her former home.

The Great Pyramids of Giza - World Wonders

The Great Pyramids of Giza are part of the Giza Necropolis that includes the three prominent pyramids of Menkaura (Mycerimus), Khufu (Cheops), and Khafra (Chephren). The Giza Necropolis is also home to the Great Sphinx, several cemeteries, an industrial complex as well as a laborer's village. Pyramids were constructed and named to contain the corpses of deceased Pharaohs who had at one time reigned over Ancient Egypt.

Ireland History - The Iron Age And The Celts

The Bronze Age ended as iron was introduced into Ireland, around the sixth century BC. What is interesting is that this knowledge of iron-working reached Britain around 800 BC, and there is very little evidence of the use of iron in Ireland. Some metal objects have been found but mainly in rivers and lakes and this makes them impossible to date with any degree of certainty.

What Will the Next Pope Be Named? Plus Other Papal Tidbits

A new Roman Catholic pope selects his own name. Based on previous popes, here is a list of all 80 possible names for Benedict XVI's successor furnished with the proper available Roman numeral. From the top I went backwards in time, which should also very roughly parallel the descending probability of a particular name being chosen. Thus Benedict XVII has perhaps the greatest chance and Peter II has the lowest (in that case for reasons beyond the merely chronological).

How To Wear A Button Down Shirt

A button down shirt, when worn the right way can be sexy. A lot of women mostly wear shirts with buttons down the front as part of office attires and unlike men, they rarely wear this type of clothing anywhere else. However, these types of shirts can make the wearer downright attractive when worn correctly, paired with the right type of clothing and enhanced with the right accessories.

Will Human Rights, Liberty, Freedom, Democracy, and Peace Prevail After Egyptian Protests?

As the world watches the riots in Egypt and as over a million people protest in the streets of Cairo, one has to ask; what's the plan? No one has emerged as the potential future leader, and the mass mob still doesn't seem to have a new direction, but one thing is for certain; change is afoot! Question is what will that change be? More and more are asking the question, as the mob grows smarter, larger, and more demanding.

History and Origin of Samba

When it comes to dance of Brazil, one immediately imagines about samba, a type of dance that has made deep imprints on the minds and heart of people through its energetic and enthusiastic form. The history shows samba moved to United States somewhere in the last years of 1920. This dance then got so popular there that today every American knows what this dance is and love it.

Humanities Degrees Are Practical and Vocational

Many humanities departments are under fire and losing funding. Why? They have difficulty proving that students come away with concrete professional skills and are forced to overcome a stigma of being elitist and theoretical. But this is far from the truth. The humanities are practical and applicable. With multi-cultural studies redefining the curriculum, there is less and less justification that the Humanities are elitist, but the Humanities still seem theoretical.

Famous People in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece gave birth to many famous philosophers and thinkers who changed the course of history. They were gifted with knowledge which led to great discoveries. Their works enlightened the world and expanded the knowledge domain. Archimedes: "Eureka! ", this word is not unheard of. It came out from the mouth of Archimedes when he found the way to determine the volume of objects with irregular shapes.

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