Who Was The First Organist In The American Colonies?

The First Organs, Organ Music and Organists of the American Colonies Organs, organ music, and organists are documented as early as 1703 in the British colonies. In 1694 Johannes Kelpius arrived in Philadelphia with a group of German Pietist followers, later to be known as the Hermits or Mystics of Wissahickon. They had great knowledge of and fondness for music.

What Organist In Charleston Made History In The Church?

The Rich History of the Organ in Early Charleston, South Carolina The fifty years between 1750 and 1800 in the history of organists, organs, and organ music in Charleston were eventful: organists of this time were arriving in the colonies from countries other than England and Germany; women were becoming organists; and entire families were making organ playing their occupation.

Magazine Subscription - Certain Positive Factors About It

Magazines are a good way to shine on your reading practice and gather a lot of knowledge on different fields of society. Developing a reading habit is a healthy practice but find the right sort of books may become sometimes difficult in this tech savvy world. Nevertheless, finding a magazine may not be such a difficult choice. Magazines are available almost at everywhere in a city.

Teddy Celebrates 112 Years of Love and Hugs

Since 1902 Teddy Bears have been bringing smiles to their owners, this is the year The Washington Post ran a front page cartoon montage of editorial cartoonist Clifford Barryman's drawings. The cartoons illustrated Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt refusing to shoot a young bear cub. The cartoon titled "Drawing the Line in Mississippi" drew immediate attention.

History of Greece 11th Century AD to Right Before World War 1

Most people already know a little bit of Greece. Such as Athens and its incredible contributions to art philosophy architecture and democracy. As well as Sparta which bred and trained each one of its citizens to become the greatest warriors the ancient world had ever seen. But what about after that. What happened after Alexander the great and the mighty roman empire?

Charles Schulz Autographed Sketch of Snoopy for Collectors

She exudes the happiness of a woman whose collections and friendships give her plenty of reasons to smile. When you first meet and exchange Facebook and E-mail information with Linda, you immediately recognize that she is not only vibrant and engaging, but a huge Peanuts and Snoopy fan. "Snoopy, " the name of the extroverted beagle cartoonist Charles Schulz created, is Linda's e-mail user name.

Bat Symbolism and Meaning

Bats are among the most misunderstood animals. Many stories, movies and myths described them as dangerous and harmful creatures that can suck people's blood and transform themselves as Dracula. Because of this, bats began to have a bad reputation. Although feared by some people, bats are beneficial to the humans and environment. The Native American recognized the bat as an animal that is highly sensitive to its surrounding and therefore consider this animal as a symbol of intuition, dreaming and vision.

Ireland History - Christianity and Ireland

Early Christianity In Ireland The first people in Ireland had a very primitive lifestyle, which consisted simply of breeding, hunting, fishing and living in huts. This was followed by the introduction of farming and settlement followed by those who had arrived to pursue their trade of iron work and metal works. The Celts in Ireland Most historians agree that the arrival of the Celts came in two waves, one directly from the continent of Europe and the next wave from those having already conquered Britain.

Ireland History - The Battle Of The Boyne

The Battle of The Boyne can only be understood properly by first looking at what happened in the siege of Derry The Siege Of Derry King James II took over from his brother and converted to Catholicism when he married Mary, the daughter of the Italian Duke of Modena. He had left England in 1679 and did not return for six years until he succeeded to the throne in England.

Ireland History - Saint Patrick Facts and Myths

Saint Patrick - Patron Saint of Ireland Patrick was the son of Calpurnius, a deacon, who lived in a town called Banna Venta Taberniae in Britain. It is impossible to be certain what actual town that is today, but many surmise it to be Carlisle in England, which borders on Scotland. His family had a small estate there, and it was where he lived until around 14 to 16 years of age.

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