Bullfighting Is Part of Spanish Culture

We always connects Spain to bullfighting and Flamenco. But for the Spanish people, "bullfighting" is not a game. It is a ceremony. It originally comes from the ceremony to sacrifice bull for the richness of stock farming. Although the death of a bull is unavoidable, killing the bull is not the main attraction. The Spanish people enjoy the performance of the bull and the bull fighter like ballet dancing.

Lifestyle Artistry and the Allure of Sex, Politics and Religion

Well, the Middle East is in turmoil and Madison, WI is not exactly tranquil, either. Should we not think of ways to connect the wellness philosophy that deals with quality of life for individuals with the quality of societies that affects the prospects of quality for all inhabitants. I think we should. In this essay, I discuss an approach to life that I call 'lifestyle artistry" and discuss the allure of sex, politics and religion as top rank matters to discuss and debate as part of good living!

Pegasus, Medusa and Bellorophon Story and Myth

Pegasus is the winged horse of Greek mythology. The horse is usually white in color, beautiful and is the symbol of strength, inspiration and flight. It was born from the blood of Medusa (a lovely young maiden), when she was slain by Perseus with his magical sword. The God of earth, Poseidon was Pegasus' father. Poseidon became infatuated with Medusa, he seduced her into the temple of Athena (goddess of wisdom).

The Metaphorical Imperative

Metaphors are names and symbols which mark something and allow it to stand for something else. Metaphors have symbolic meaning often above and beyond the named object or emotional state. As humans we come into a chaotic world. Those who have come before have given "things" names, and for us these "things" become the names and these names have powerful symbolic value.

Heard Museum Discount Tickets - Reliving the Old Ways of the Natives

The Heard Museum in Phoenix is one of the most renowned and unique museums in the whole of the U.S and attracts over 250, 000 visitors every year. There are two other Heard Museums in the U.S, one in Scottsdale and the other in Surprise. You can reach the museum by the Light rail which stops at the Encanto Central stop. Established in 1929 it started as a small museum exhibiting the Native American culture, and grew into a huge center for learning and exhibition of native heritage and culture even in the contemporary context.

Did You Know History Can Be Recorded Through Art?

Many peoples and even highly sophisticated societies in previous times had no written language. Did that mean they were unconcerned about their history or had no way of remembering or recording it? In many cases the answer is "No". These societies had several important ways of remembering and passing on knowledge of their history. Some of these were through songs, dancing, poems or stories, and through art.

Latino Authors

When Latino families spend time together one of the major forms of entertainment comes through food. Both the creation and consumption are important and be looked at as a way of defining one culture from another. In Instead of traditional candy in wrappers they made fritos by hand. The holiday served a a family bonding time. This is not the same as the people who enjoy the holiday to satisfy their greed for sugar by trick or treating.

Art and Politics: The Cunning Compatibility?

In every society, art and politics do not always move along too well. While in some political circumstances art is considered as a tool for achieving certain political strategies, in other instances, art is viewed as an enemy of State (government). This is for two obvious reasons. The first reason is that, political activities like campaigns, rallies and other similar events make use of art forms like posters, printing of t-shirts, banners, bill boards etc, to achieve the maximum results in the set goals of such events.

The Human Investor Part VII

Emile Gouiran was and remains well known as an Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist, and Promoter of corporate and commercial projects and those skills were easily coupled to Gouiran's persistent drive to benefit those that but for "a break" would remain under-achievers. Much the same as his concept in the Vindication Capital Trust destined to defending the helpless and hapless against society's often draconian legal processes, a new special fund was capitalized and $ 14 million immediately earmarked to invest with the entrepreneurial underprivileged youth of all origins with notable emphasis on those arisen from the ashes of orphaned or abandoned backgrounds.

Seimei Abe and Japanese Paranormal Activities

In order to describe him, I need to first explain about what he was. He was "Onmyoji" in the Heian Era (794 - 1192 AD) of Japan. I had unexpected problems selecting the best English description for onmyoji. The best definition I can give after my study is a shaman coupled together with functions of an astrologist, an exorcist, a medium, a prophet, a seer, and a sorcerer.

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