Mad for Mad Men

I've been thinking about why people are so crazy about the TV show Mad Men, lately. True, the writing is darkly intelligent, the cast effortlessly fits into their suave costumes and characters, and the dйcor perfectly evokes the time and place. Still, I sense that it's some other, ineffable quality that has so captured our attention. It seems to me that some viewers are indulging in a bit of vicarious pleasure, watching Don Draper continually avoid the consequences of his immoral or illegal behavior.

Sydney Opera House - A World Heritage Site Since 2007

Australia isn't readily known for their displays of architecture throughout the world, but one modern marvel changed that perception and stands out as one of the grandest concert halls on the planet. The Sydney Opera House is a true architectural feat, showcasing man's ingenuity and grasp of structural integrity. Sitting directly on the harbor and enjoying World Heritage Site status since 2007, this lavish, expansive structure is as recognizable as the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and other great monuments of the world.

The Art of Making Paper

As we all know that the art of making paper is one of the four great inventions in China in the old time. Cai Lun, the great Chinese inventor is the inventor of this great invention. Many of us may feel strange when we get to know the career of him and could hardly related him to his invention-the art of making paper. This man was one of the emperor's most trusted ministers.

An Empress in Japanese History

It is interesting to learn that there was only one Empress in 3000 years of Chinese History. Instead, Japan had 10 Empresses in its history. Women in China look more liberated than Japan, today. On the other hand, Japanese women are noted to be holding and quiet. It may not be true in these days, but world impression about Japanese women is obedient.

Xian Yu and Liu Bang, Ancient Chinese Heros

Qin Dynasty was the first unified China empire. It is history's irony that the last empire of China was also Qin Dynasty, although the Chinese Character was different. The first unified China, Qin Dynasty (221 BC - 206 BC) was established by Qin Shi Huang (meaning the first emperor), Ying Zheng (259 BC - 210 BC). Their legal system was too strict to people.

Ancient Egypt Exploring The Nile Civilization

The ancient race of the Nile proved a civilization that was ahead of their times in creativity concerning every aspect of life. The mysterious culture of the Egyptians displayed their knowledge through so many art forms that have become a source of inspiration for the modern world. The article explores the concepts of beauty and fashion in the ancient race of Egypt.

An Analysis of 'The Boston Evening Transcript' From TS Eliot's Prufrock and Other Observations

In 'Tradition and the Individual Talent' (1919), an essay Eliot produced soon after the Prufrock collection, the author outlines his artistic approach to poetry. He defends the concept of 'tradition' in art, believing the greatest works are infused with an appreciation of the past. Eliot defines this appreciation with what he calls 'historical sense', regarding tradition in literature as not merely being a repetition of past works, but as a knowledge and incorporation of them within the present.

Blackfeet Nations Influence on Functional Art

Throughout its long rich history, the Blackfeet Indians have endured one grueling struggle after another. The Blackfeet have survived war, disease, famine, pollution, attempts at social re-engineering, and countless other attacks against their way of life. Since the beginning, the Blackfeet have passed their traditions, heritage, customs, art, dances, and stories down through the generations.

Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things - A Stylistic Analysis of the Novel's Beginning

The exploration as to how the formal characteristics of a text contribute to the creation of literary effect has given rise to the field of stylistics. Sharing analytical techniques from linguistics and literary criticism, the stylistic method can essentially be defined as consisting of a linguistic description of a certain text, followed by an interpretation in order to fully understand the work, before an evaluation as to assess whether it is of any artistic worth.

The Blood Countess

The first thing we have to be aware of when delving into the life, crimes and times of Erzsebet Bathory de Ecsed is that most of what we know was written almost a hundred years after her death. Tales of vampirism, sadism, torture and murder have been weaved so intricately, growing more horrific and depraved over the decades, that the original person of the Countess has become almost hopelessly lost, swallowed by the monster created in the feverish, nightmarish minds of later writers.

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