Story of Liu Bei and Tsuge Liang

In the first century, three kingdoms were fighting to unify China. The first kingdom, the Wei, was the largest and strongest; the second was the Wu; and the third was the Shu Han. Liu Bei was the first king of the Shu Han, fighting against Cao Cao, the king of the Wei. Liu Bei mostly allied with Sun Quan, the king of the Wu (who was against the large, strong Wei).

The History and Origins of Larva Mask, Otherwise Known As the Bauta Mask

The mask we commonly call the Bauta mask is actually really called a larva mask. The word Bauta was used when describing the complete bauta disguise.This disguise consisted of the Larva mask, tricorn hat, Xendal (lace cravat), and the Tabarro (a woollen mantel). The name Larva means ghost mask, it was originally always in plain white or black and was crafted from leather or paper mache.

Celebrating Chinese Festivals

Recently, the Chinese celebrated their Chinese New Year with great festivity across the globe, welcoming the year of the Golden Rabbit. Traditional Chinese foods were prepared, houses of Chinese families were swept clean to drive away ill-fortune. Red paper-cuts and couplets bearing Chinese calligraphy in black with varying wishes of good fortune were put up, firecrackers were readied for the evening show, and Chinese dragons paraded the streets during the day.

The Ethnic Composition of Benue State

The formation of Nigerian states after regional government failed was being thought of by General Gowon administration as the best option to help unite the various ethnic groups which were being segmented along regional divisions. This was because the regional politics made the central government very weak and on the other hand, made the dominant ethnic groups to pay more allegiance to the regional governments than the centre.

Here Be Dragons! Why?

Is there anybody from the age of four onwards on the face of the Earth who isn't aware of the mythological creature popularly known as the dragon? The exceptions would be so relatively rare that I would have to conclude that of nearly all things make-believe, dragons are probably in the top ten recognition list. So, is that the be-all-and-end-all of things?

Historical Figures Who Stabilized Buddhism in China and Japan

There are some people we learn about in history lessons during high school. It is clear what years they lived and what they did. These facts may be seen as the X-axis of history. They form a chronological horizontal line using time as variables. But usually we do not pay much attention to the people who lived in the same era but in different places.

An Outline Of Traditional Tartan Weaving

The Falkirk Tartan is thought to be the oldest tartan is existence. This tartan is an example of the production of tartan from the 3rd century. It shows that at this time different colours were created by the use of different types of wool rather that wool that was dyed different colours that we see today. While there were professional weavers, most of the tartan produced in the 1700's was produced by the woman of the household who used small hand looms - The productions of tartan on a small scale meant the only small sections could be produced at once.

Transylvania: The Transylvanian Saxons, the Middle Period

The Transylvanian Saxons farmed the land, farming being their primary trade, but they would also develop cities one which would house a great Lutheran Reformer. History knew him as Johann Honterus, a humanist. The Transylvanian Saxons would see him as the catalyst for the Reformation in Transylvania. When the Reformation started to grow, thanks in part to Honterus, whole villages would convert to the teachings of Martin Luther.

Carpet Weaving in India

Carpets have a history, which belong to very ancient times. Now it has become a flourished industry. It has numerous trends now, and carpets from different countries are unique in their own pattern. Every country has its own tradition of carpet weaving which reflects its culture and norms. India is one of the countries where carpet weaving has a history belonging to mughal empires.

The Realities of a Ugandan Childhood

They say that to understand a person you must walk in their shoes. But can you really understand someone's life if they live on the other side of the world, and in completely different circumstances? This sense of distance and unfamiliarity between those in the developed and developing world can make it difficult to really comprehend the day to day realities of those who live in true poverty.

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