Dreaming in Root Metaphors: Classified Information and the Pure Truth

The latest addition to my dreamer's toolbox promises to be quite versatile and especially useful for deciphering those dreams in my favourite sub-category of dreams: sacred dreams. The tool that I am referring to is the concept of root metaphors, and in this first article-in a projected series that will explore its functionality-I shall begin by taking a moment to explain the basic concept.

Human Mobs Taking Down Civilizations - Is This the Proper Way to Demand Democracy?

Over the years, I've always considered the human mobs to be problematic, but is it possible that an angry mob can bring about a positive change? Well, historically speaking more often than not, it doesn't, but sometimes it can. Should the United States support angry mobs in other countries to bring down regimes, and bring about change, that is as long as those angry mobs don't occur here at home?

Hidden Karnak - The White Chapel of Senuseret I

Karnak is part of the world largest open air museum, Luxor or Ancient Thebes, home of many Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and built by various Egyptian Pharaohs like Ramses II and Tutankhamen and in my opinion better than the Egyptian pyramids. The Ancient Egyptian temple of Karnak in Luxor, Egypt is the largest religious site in the world and yet most tour groups go round in about an hour.

Tips to Find the Perfect Valentine's Day Cards for Your Kids Online

The first thing, and perhaps the most important thing, to consider when choosing Valentine's Day cards for your kids to give out at school is the design. You will want the design of the cards to reflect your child's personality. Boys and girls are different and like different cartoon characters, pop stars, and sports. If you are the one choosing and buying the cards take a minute or two and write down a list of your child's likes and dislikes.

The Creation of the Three Fictional Orcish Tribes

Assume that a vast mountain chain is controlled by three Orcish tribes, each numbering in the tens of thousands of individuals, riding mountain ponies and herding sheep, raiding to the south and taking tolls from the use of their passes. What would these three tribes be like, and what would be their characteristics? There would be two weaker tribes and one strong tribe, but not strong enough to defeat the others in open combat and make a larger empire.

How Genghis Khan Arose to Power

When we consider the Mongol Horde, when we think of Genghis Khan, we always imagine faceless thousands riding their horses across Asia, conquering China, India, Afghanistan and coming right up to the Eastern reaches of Europe. But what was Genghis Khan's past, how did he come to rule such a mighty force? Was he the born leader of the Mongol masses, or did he have to fight for control?

We Need Not Worry About Human Population Growth

Overpopulation will be the demise of the human race we are told. Indeed, I'm not sure who said it but they seem to be teaching this at all the universities around the globe - and yet free markets, global trade, and entrepreneurs have always been able to meet the challenge, so it's hard to say what these folks are talking about. Let's discuss this for a moment.

Pushkin, His Life, His Time

Western ideas and books, which had flooding into Russia since the 17th century reign of Tsar Peter the Great, had caused tremendous intellectual ferment. Reacting to these ideas, writers created numbers of powerful works. Perhaps no other nation, in one country, has produced more great novels, poems and plays. The man who ignited the explosion was Alexander Pushkin, recognized as the nation's greatest poet.

They Created The Golden Age of Russian Literature

Pushkin set the stage for the great writers that would follow, the poet Mikhail Lermontov and the playwright and novelist Nikolai Gogol. Lermontof was the poet of the Caucasus, which he made the scene of all his poems. His short life of twenty-six years was spent among those mountains; and he was, like Pushkin, killed in a duel, just as he was beginning to be recognized as a worthy successor to him.

John Todd - Former Illuminati Member

John Todd was an American born into the occult that is fast spreading throughout the world, known as witchcraft, which has been widely reported as one of the main religions of the most secret society in this world AKA the Illuminati. As he grew within this cult he eventually became a grand druid high priest in the Illuminati, whose main aim is to take over the world.

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