Home Remedy For Dandruff

The process of skin cell regeneration is actually a natural process, in which the dead skin cells gets replace placed by the birth of new skin cells. Dandruff is also the falling of skin cells from the scalp. But this cannot be considered as a natural process as it is caused by bacteria called malassezia fungus, which grows in the scalp portion in the head.

A Guide To Recognizing Bedbugs

Bedbugs are a domestic pest that have long irritated the general population. Even if you never directly affected by bedbugs, almost everyone knows of and is conscious of them. They feed off of human blood, and live in areas where the human body rests, such as beds and chairs. Common places to look out for these insects are your bed, on public transportation, the theater, airports, and restaurants.

How To Handle A Yeast Infection From Home

Yeast or Candida infections generally cause a great deal of annoying and painful itching, burning and irritation. This could be difficult to deal with when one has a busy schedule of work or activities. It is quite likely that your doctor may either prescribe expensive medication to treat the problem or might not really go to the root cause of it to give you the right treatment to get rid of the painful and irritating infection.

How To Handle Chest Congestion From Home

Chest congestion is that tight feeling in your lungs that is sometimes accompanied by wheezing and coughing. This can lead to additional health issues, some of them quite serious. What are the main causes of chest congestion, and what things can be done to relieve it naturally? Chest congestion is most commonly caused by an accumulation of mucus and other fluids in your lower respiratory tract.

Having First Aid Supplies Close To You At All Times

There is no place on earth today where human beings are safe from any accident. Be it their cars, their offices, or even their homes, probability of meeting some accidents is always there. This is the reason first aid supplies should be available in all these places, so that they can be used at the right time. Such supplies are useful for treating both minor scrapes or burns as well as more grave injuries such as bone fractures.

The Wonderful Benefits Of Baby Aspirin

Patients suffering from heart diseases are often treated with a medicine that is popularly known as 'Baby Aspirin'. Apart from being used for ages to reduce any kind of inflammation and to provide relief from pain, baby aspirins have also been successfully used to protect and save patients, even when they are going through a heart attack. How did baby aspirin derive its name and how it functions so effectively are discussed below.

The Use Of Medicinal Herbs In The Home

As of now over 38 million Americans are using some variety or the other of natural remedy for their health and other requirements. This means almost one fifth of the adults in this country depend on such natural products, which include medicinal herbs. Some of the medically beneficial natural products are very common and have been used for curing health problems since the good old days.

Using Self Diagnosis In The Internet Age

Self diagnosis has its pros & cons as per recent study. It seems that a doctor's job gets that much easier when the patient is aware of his health concerns prior to consultation, for example common cold or body pain however not all self-diagnosis are encouraged, for example ADHD. Is it fair to have these conflicting attitudes? With the advent of technology and easy access to the Internet, 8 out of 10 people look for health information online.

9 Benefits of Home Health Care

1. Professionalism. You may be uncertain about handing over care of your loved one to a stranger, but our caregivers are certified and thoroughly screened, and receive regular 'in-service' trainings to keep their professionally-trained skills sharp. 2. Personalized care. Every good home health agency has a licensed RN on staff to oversee the caregivers and cases, and each patient's care is tailored to suit their specific needs.

Symptoms Reflux - Understanding What Reflux Is

Reflux is described as the occurrence wherein the stomach contents go back up to the food pipe or esophagus or even to the mouth. There is a backflow of food from the stomach upward towards the esophagus. Reflux is the main symptom in Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease or GERD. This may be caused by an increased intake of acidic foods or immediately lying down after meals.

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