Understanding LDL, HDL Cholesterol And The Dangers Of Careless Eating Habits

The human body, although a living organism, works just like a car engine. Each component in the engine of a car needs to be regularly checked, possibly adjusted and kept oiled in order to run smoothly and without problem. We call this a 'service', and if a vehicle is abused and not serviced regularly it will not take long before it breaks down.

Severe Hardening Of The Arteries - Things You Should Know To Keep Yourself Safe And Heart Healthy

Do you have a family member or know someone who has severe hardening of the arteries? On the other hand, are you yourself suffering from this kind of condition? If so, the best way to get rid of this condition is to follow all possible options to prevent this kind of condition from developing. However, if severe hardening of the arteries is already in its advanced state, blood flow becomes serious and it is more difficult for it to reach certain parts of the body.

Time To Say Bye To Bypass Surgery Problem

A bypass Surgery is needed when a person has some sort of blockage in their arteries which are meant to transport blood from your heart to all the other parts or organs of your body. Due to various factors that influence this blockage. This is when the doctors decide it is time for a bypass Surgery. If a person has a multiple blockages in his / her arteries it is termed as a multiple bypass Surgery.

Triglyceride Is Harmful - Facts About The Causes And Effects Of Triglycerides In The Body

Many people are not yet aware of the causes and effects of triglycerides in the body. In fact, most people have no idea about what exactly triglyceride is or how important and relevant it is for us to manage it to ensure good health and well-being. What causes it and what are the most probable effects of it in the body? Triglyceride is created when we over-indulge and eat the wrong foods excessively.

Is Plaque in Arteries a Real Concern?

The fact of the matter is that the build up of plaque in arteries is as real of an ailment as any other and it doesn't care who its victims are. With this in mind it is important to understand the reasons for plaque, how to prevent it and how to find the latest news about it. Reasons for the Build up of Plaque Plaque found in the arteries is created when you eat a diet that is high in fat, especially saturated fat.

Steps You Can Take to Prevent the Build Up of Plaque in Arteries

Today, there are numerous food choices that we face on a day to day basis. Things have become so convenient that it takes nothing more than a quick run to the drive through in order to grab a full meal on the go. The problem with this is that it contributes to the build up of plaque in arteries which can result in heart disease and eventually, heart attacks.

Types Of Cardiovascular Disease - Some Of The Most Common Types Discussed And How You Can Stay Safe

You might agree with the fact that any person has the potential to suffer from cardiovascular disease. However, you are probably unaware of the different types of cardiovascular diseases that exist. Actually, there are many different types of cardiovascular disease and this article will reflect those that greatly affect the majority of the population.

Recipes To Prevent the Build Up of Plaque in Arteries

Everyone knows the implications of heart disease, and plaque in arteries plays a major role in the onset of this particular ailment. With that in mind, many people feel that there is little they can do to prevent this build up and their risks of getting heart disease or having a heart attack. The truth is that eating a sensible diet can help you to keep your arteries clean and your heart healthy.

Atherosclerosis and Heart Health

Atherosclerosis is a general term given to several diseases which cause a hardening and thickening of the walls of the arterial system. Hence the phrase, hardening of the arteries. It begins when monocytes (white blood cells) enter the walls of the arteries in certain areas and are transformed into cells which attract and accumulate fatty deposits.

How to Prevent the Occurrence of Plaque in the Arteries

Avoiding the build up of plaque in the arteries is essential to leading a long, healthy life. After all plaque is the direct cause of heart disease and heart attacks, which has become the biggest reason for death in the United States today. The good news is that you can take multiple steps you can take to help prevent the risks of these ailments.

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