Heart Disease: His and Hers

Heart disease is much more common in both women and men than any other cause of death. Because women experience more subtle symptoms than men their heart disease if ofter misdiagnosed. Both women and men need to pay attention to signals that their bodies give them. Both genders need to control risk factors equally. Women and men share common risk factors for heart disease such as: High cholesterol Inactivity Obesity High blood pressure Smoking.

Vitamin D - The Miracle Hormone

The substance was first recognized as the cause of Rickets in the 1600's. Scientists discovered about Vitamin D's ability to cure rickets in 1922. Not much else about the value of it was found until the 1970's when it's cancer fighting characteristics were noted. Study was then done on the vitamin and given its status of being a hormone. A fantastic master hormone is at work in your body now.

Cherishing The Heart

In the world of homoeopathy and indeed healing in general, there is a universal law which attracts to the healer those patients whose symptoms have been in our thoughts or echo our own experiences of dis-ease. I certainly found this to be true in the early years of my practice in Nottingham in the mid eighties. The two sets of symptoms that presented regularly in the first few months of practice were anxiety attacks and heart symptoms.

Gum Disease and Oral Hygiene - Connected to Heart Disease and Stroke

People do not know the risks that are associated with gum disease and heart disease. Oral hygiene as well as gum disease, can be connected with heart disease and stroke. Gum disease is a problem not only by Americans but also of different races. All over the world, there is an enormous problem in oral health and dental condition. This is because many people are afraid to visit their dentist on a regular basis.

Heart Diet - Simple And Smart Facts About a Heart Diet

Nowadays people are always mentioning the word "heart diet". So, what is actually a heart diet? The rise of the heart disease has been a worry to many nations. People have been advise through different kinds of media to practice a healthy heart diet to prevent heart disease. So, is there such things as healthy heart diet? Many people always misunderstood and have a thought that a diet means like a kind of starvation.

Heart Diet - Simple Things to Know in a Healthy Heart Diet

Following a healthy heart diet is one of the most crucial factors to prevent and care for heart disease. A heart diet that comes with a proper nutrition can help to manage the symptoms of heart disease. It can as well prevent, stop and even reverse the heart problems. One of the easiest things that you can do to keep your heart healthy is by starting to choose your foods wisely.

Heart Health

February is a month when love and romance get their own holiday, with cards, chocolates, flowers, and other tokens of affection exchanged. Whether you get caught up in the spirit or not, we'd like you to take a little time this month to focus on your heart and everything it does for you. Read on to discover how shaking up your eating and exercise habits can make your heart stronger and more resilient, the best natural supplements to take for heart health, and how your family's health history can illuminate your heart's future.

Have A Heart

February is Heart Month, so you're probably hearing a great deal about what to do to keep your heart healthy. Eat this and not that, exercise more, get more sleep and reduce your stress level. This amazing organ works hard to keep us alive, so let's take a brief look at what the heart and the rest of the cardiovascular system does for us, and what we can do to keep it running smoothly.

Scale Back on Traditional Meat Sources for More Heart-Friendly Fare

Does your idea of the perfect meal center around a nice big piece of meat? You might want to consider the heart-healthy benefits of going meatless every now and then. Vegetarians typically consume less saturated fat and cholesterol, which most traditional meat sources are high in. That being said, the vegetarian loading up on nothing but refined pasta and breads isn't doing his health much of a favor, either.

Appropriate Diet for Heart Disease

Diet for Heart Disease Diet is the most important factor contributing to our health or damaging our health. Whether we agree or disagree with such contention, we are often warned by medical advice to alter the diet for getting more benefits of any treatment or reducing the present level of pain and suffering in any kind of disease. Naturally we often ask question - what should I eat?

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