Heart Disease Risks: Myths Busted

Even though the heart is one of the most important organs in the body, most of us make assumptions about heart disease risks, sometimes founded on only a morsel of truth, that are dangerous to that oh-so-vital organ. As with anything that concerns your health, knowledge is power... getting to the bottom of those popular myths, and understanding the truth, is a key to keeping your heart healthy, or recognizing signs of danger, before it's too late.

EKG: The Advancement of Medical Equipment

EKG machines have assisted in the diagnosis of various heart abnormalities for all kinds of individuals. Many people walk around every day without knowing their heart pumps blood abnormally or has malfunctioning electrical conductivity. As we invest more heavily into advancing medical equipment, the EKG machine is developing as well. Advancements in medical equipment technology effect all healthcare workers around medical equipment like this.

Real World Strategies for Heart Health

Before getting my Chiropractic degree, I worked many years as an exercise physiologist and director of a couple of cardiac rehabilitation programs. One thing I learned pretty quickly during that time is that what I thought was common sense about health and heart health in particular, really wasn't so common. Most people live their life with their arms wide open saying "Okay heart disease.

3 Of the Best Natural Ways to Reduce Cholesterol

There is plenty of cause to believe that all adults should keep one eye on their cholesterol levels. In early life, the body can handle a bit of abuse, yet as we become older our bodies get less able to deal with the junk we give it. Furthermore, younger individuals are usually more active than older people and exercise is a way of lowering cholesterol.

Lower Your High Cholesterol Through Diet Foods Like Fish For Best Protection Against Heart Disease

There is no mistaking the role high cholesterol plays when it comes to developing heart disease, stroke or a heart attack. It is a primary risk factor, which makes learning how to lower your high cholesterol through diet using foods such as fish of prime importance. Before going through the benefits to be gained from using fish in your diet, let's take a moment to fully understand why high cholesterol is dangerous.

How to Lower Your Cholesterol By Changing Your Diet

If you have just been told that your cholesterol levels are high, you will almost certainly be weighing out the choices that your doctor gave you. One alternative would be to take medication and the other alternative would be to modify your diet and carry out more exercise. The changes in diet are not radical, yet they could have a big impact. Exercising may be more of a problem to most people who lead an inactive lifestyle.

How to Quickly Lower Your Cholesterol

When someone undergoes a cholesterol blood test, there will normally be four numbers returned which refer to the levels for LDL (bad cholesterol), HDL (good cholesterol), triglycerides and absolute cholesterol. The GP will be looking to see if any of these figures is significantly above the standard for your age and sex. If they are too high, then the doctor will make one of two recommendations.

CNN: Air Pollution Number One Cause of Heart Attack - Must Have Tulsi Tea

Air pollution has now been proven by medical researchers according to CNN, today, February, 24, 2011 to not only cause lung cancer but is the number one cause for a heart attack. Tulsi tea can be taken every day. It is pleasant tasting calming experience. Tulsi tea is an expectorant and a cardioapathy. Tulsi works on the lungs to soothe dry toxic deficient lung tissue.

Cholesterol and Atherosclerosis

If you are trying to dig up a connection between cholesterol levels and Atherosclerosis, you have definitely come to the right place as this article will show you how they are connected. We will try to explain this to you in layman terms that will be easy to understand. First of all, the body has two types of cholesterol. One is the HDL cholesterol or the good cholesterol.

How Your Heart Benefits From Physical Activity

Most of us normally overlook that your heart is a muscle and, like other muscles, needs to be exercised in order to keep working under peak condition. If any muscle is not exercised regularly, it will become weakened and decrease in strength. Therefore it cannot operate the ways it is supposed to because it tends to tire faster. If this happens to your heart, it will have to work harder merely to sustain a sufficient supply of blood to your body.

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