Reduce Cholesterol After Checking Out These Facts First

Do you have a friend, someone in the family or perhaps yourself who has ever suffered from high cholesterol and consequently heart disease? If you have then you will undoubtedly agree that the problem is ignored at your peril. Encouragingly, you and many others are clearly taking more of an active interest in ways to reduce cholesterol levels and you'll be able to spend many years to come thanking yourself for your proactive attitude.

To reduce cholesterol is not a difficult achievement. It doesn't require any expensive regime change or even a major overhaul of your lifestyle. You must simply exercise a little abstinence with regard to your diet, therefore you'll possibly require a small dose of moral fiber and a generous helping of self-motivation. You should look to exercise, at least 3-4 times a week, I might even suggest a little more if you can and moreover, try to relax a little to reduce that stress load off your shoulders.

As an added bonus researchers at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland in the UK, have found that reducing cholesterol could be vital at fighting viral infections. It appears that cholesterol is used by the virus or bacteria attacking your body to grow. Therefore, by cutting down on your body's cholesterol levels, you would be affectively starving the virus of essential products. Yet another formidable reason to reduce cholesterol levels in your body.

Make the following alterations in your day to day life if required and you should start to reduce your cholesterol almost immediately.

Exercise and I don't mean join an expensive gym and pay for an overpriced, loud mouthed drill sergeant of a physical trainer. I mean elevate your heart to above normal for a good half an hour a day. If you can, try walking to and from work if you live close enough. Even better; run there and back. If that's not possible, then find another way to achieve some form of exercise. There really is no excuse because ultimately everyone, even the busiest most dedicated employee has half an hour to spare a day where they can jog or walk the dog or anything that constitutes exercise.

Eat more carbohydrates. Only eat carbohydrate foods that don't contain refined sugars, or if that's really not possible then at least try and limit your intake of refined sugars. Eat whole grain products such as fruits, vegetables and beans as these are all superb sources of carbohydrate that do not contain any added sugar.

Eat lean sources of protein. For a really healthy source of protein, lean red meats in general are an excellent choice. Not only do they contain the same vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as non-lean red meat, but they have less saturated fat. Chicken and turkey are also good lean meats to bring into your diet.

Finally, for this article at least, stress is another contributor to high cholesterol and if you are serious about reducing your cholesterol levels then you need to relax a little. I'm fully aware that young children, a high pressure job or other stress inducing issues can't simply be ignored. However, take an hour or half an hour off a day for yourself and use it to relax a little and take the pressure of your heart, it will make a differences. If you really become inspired, try something new; yoga or tai chi are terrific relaxing past times plus you may find you've discovered an interesting an enjoyable hobby that you might otherwise not have discovered.

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