Living in London? You Need Health Insurance!

London, the capital of England, is also one of the commercial capitals of the Western hemisphere and the largest financial centre in the world. A metropolitan and 'world' city in its true sense, it welcomes people from all over the world, drawn here from the opportunities and the perks it provides. Today, London has a population of over 9,000,000, a vast chunk of which are non-native UK residents. This makes it a very vibrant and competitive city, that continues to attract and provide for everyone who London his home.

One of the reasons London is a popular choice for many immigrants and has had such an influx of culture from all over the world is the standard of living it offers, along with many other things. Particularly, it is the health services provided by the UK govt. - the NHS that contributes to this standard of living. The NHS is the public health system in the UK, maintained by the tax payers and administered by the government that entitles every resident to free health care and treatment. However, with the kind of population that the UK and in particular London boasts of, it is not hard to imagine the kind of strain NHS may be under. This is why when it comes to health insurance, London professionals and families are looking at private medical insurance to extend the benefits of the NHS.

While the growing population is a sign of progress and development, when it comes to health insurance, London's population means decreasing standard of quality as well as slower access for many citizens. For many individuals and families who would like to avail of better comfort and luxury in times of illness and injuries, it means having to settle for whatever may be available through NHS, or forking over lots of cash for premium services. With private health insurance, London's working population has a distinct advantage:

1. More choice of hospital and healthcare professionals
2. Prompt attention & service, no waiting lists
3. Access to a number of luxuries and comforts, such as private suites, in-house nursing & care, personal staff, extra rooms, etc.
4. Not having to pay for items typically charged under NHS: prescription drugs, glasses, tests or checkups, chemotherapy, and others.
5. Access to a host of alternative therapies and treatments, not covered by NHS.

It is clear why many Londoners would choose to have private health insurance along with NHS. With the kind of lifestyle that London demands and imposes, diseases, illnesses and accidents are an everyday reality. When it comes to health related issues, Londoners also do not and cannot afford to wait for services, and many expect to be treated well while they convalesce. With private health insurance, London based families can guarantee themselves the best treatments and individuals can ensure they save time.

However, while purchasing health insurance, London based individuals have one qualm - the time taken to find the best deal. To deal with this, you can visit websites of intermediaries that deliver you quotes from leading insurance providers such as Bupa, BCWA, Aviva, Standard Life, Prudential Health and many others. All you need to do is fill up a few details and wait for the providers to get back to you. This way you ensure that not only do you safeguard the health and well-being of your loved one, but also save precious time.

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