Egyptian Healing

Egyptian healing is not what you think it is. 'The Mummy', curses and conspiracy theories are all just smoke and mirrors. Many articles will also tell you that it's only about hands on healing, meditation or channelling rods. But, oh it's so much more. So here is the truth about Egyptian healing. Egyptian healing is and was a way of life, of being attuned with each other, nature and the self.

7 Reasons to Choose an In-Person Reiki Workshop

You may have noticed that some websites offer online Reiki attunements. Some will set a time with You to receive the initiation. Others may have You watch a video. Some may actually do a virtual course. Distant Reiki attunements do work. If You are attracted to them, I would suggest going with one that offers support and training. Technology offers amazing advantages these days allowing us to connect with others from a distance.

Using Magic Spells and Potions for a Good Reason

Magic spells and potions are something that is very attractive for many people. They have these beliefs that using magical powers, potions and spells can help them improve the quality of their lives. Spells and potions were associated with black magic in the past, and are used by witches to harm others. Now in the modern times today, these magic potions and spells are used by individuals as a lucky charm and treatment for certain diseases and ailments.

Become A Reiki Master

Reiki can be considered as probably the most powerful and easiest to learn healing system within reach in the world today, and also being one of the most impressive methods of personal and spiritual development. And now, with the unique online system, it is also one of the most affordable as well. If you wanted to become a Reiki Master, without paying a fortune for the course, than here is your chance.

How To Send Positive Energy To Others For Their Highest Good

This is an easy-to-follow guided exercise for sending distant energy to another person or place. I've taught this exercise and used it thousands of times myself in more than two decades of practicing and teaching Reiki, a process for sharing universal life force energy. The focus of this technique is on sending this universal energy to the other person or place for their or its highest good, and the results can be astonishing for both sender and receiver.

Do I Need to Think About Chakra Healing?

A chakra relates to and broadcasts the energy of life force; it is a point of alignment in the body. Charka comes from the Sanskrit word that describes a constantly spinning wheel or the sphere aural energy we each have. Many traditional Hindu writings suggest that there are nearly 90, 000 points of Chakra throughout a person's body. Although, there are seven Chakras that are more important than all of the rest.

How to Comfort Sciatica Pain

While enjoying your evening tea with your family, you might face some painful moments when you find that you are not able to move your leg in any direction. It might be impossible to get-up and lie down on your bed. Even a secondary help could be unbearable. Slightest movement of the legs could send pangs of shooting pains in the legs. How could the doctor help?

Amazing World of Spiritual and Holistic Healing of the Mind Body and Spirit

Healers - The word healers conjure up a lot of different definitions. Healers come in many different forms; for instance, a doctor is considered to be a healer. However, there are many other healers that you may not consider to be the traditional type of healers, those are spiritual healers. It may be a term known to many, but at the same time, it means very different things to different people.

Shoulder Surgery Complications: An Ounce of Prevention

Shoulder surgery complications occur all too commonly. The choices we make as patients both before and after surgery can play a significant role in predicting the likelihood of a complication after shoulder surgery. A common saying in shoulder surgery is, "The surgeon is the method, " meaning that any innovative technique, tool, or procedure is really only as good as the person using it.

Does Animal Healing Really Work? And Is Reiki Healing the Best Method?

Animal Healer When you think of an animal healing, you tend to think of someone who heals animals physically such as when they are sick and injured. But a true healer is someone who does more than just heals aches and pains. It is a spiritual person who heals everything from the body to the mind. Animals are more than just our pets, they are our companions and when they are in pain, whether physical or emotional, we feel that pain simply because we love them.

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