Opening Chakras: Why It's Important

Before we talk about opening chakras let's discuss chakras itself - perhaps you've heard of them, read a little about them, or even ducked into a 'Mind Body Spirit' convention? Don't worry, I wont tell. Maybe you know its more than just new age hokum; because really, its quite old age stuff. 'Chakra' is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel'.

Can Chiropractic Save Your Life?

To answer this question we must first establish a foundation. All pathology textbooks state that abnormal function, a.k.a. dysfunction, is the primary cause of disease. Pathology is that branch of science concerned with the structure of disease and its causes. Thus, a firm understanding of what regulates and controls function is essential. Just as the main fuse box controls the power to your home, your central nervous system is the master controller of you body.

A Lot About Chiropractic Care

There can be many reasons to visit a chiropractor and also there can be different kinds of care. The kind of approach you go for depends on the kind of thing you are trying to get. Some patients are looking for only pain relief. Other patients are looking for ways to keep healthy. Chiropractic care works in both the situation. It is a common notion that chiropractic care is used for back pain only.

Distance Healing at Arm's Reach

Alternative medicine doesn't just limit to acupuncture and chiropractor. Distance healing has been gaining its place in the field of alternative medicine as one source of alternative health care. Its healing capacity can identify beliefs thus limiting and removing them and replacing them with something more constructive and life affirming. Issues in the medical system like medical malpractice might be one of the reasons why a lot are turning to the different kinds of alternative healing nowadays.

The Iconic Ionic Bracelet

Have you heard of Negative Ion technology? If you have not you should be asking yourself a follow up question... Is your life surrounded by positive ions? Wait; let me answer that - YES! Positive ions are transmitted by all the electronic devices that you use on a daily bases. Devices like your phone, tablet and MP3 player all put out positive ions.

Reiki and How It Can Help You

Reiki is an energy, a treatment, and a way of life. It was brought to us by Mikao Usui in Japan in the late nineteenth and early 20th century. As an energy, Reiki means spirit energy or universal life force. It is unconditional healing that is all around us. When we allow it in, whether by ourselves or with the help of a trained Reiki practitioner, it helps us balance our body's subtle energies.

Aura Reading

The aura, in energy healing parlance, is the energy immediately around the body. We are all surrounded by our aura, which is as much part of us as an arm or a leg. A gifted or skilled healer can feel your aura with their hands as if it were a spacesuit of energy that you are wearing. The aura is palpable to skilled hands. Some particularly gifted people can also see the aura.

The Metaphysical Surgeon

Degeneration and Leaking Systems. Our bodies 'run down' and begin to function badly because they 'loose vital energy' in the body systems. This loss of 'vitality' is mainly due to several things happening at once: 1. Inherited Genetic Programming slowing down systems. 2. Lifestyle Stresses that overwork and 'burn out' systems. 3. Modern Environmental Pollutants, chemicals, poisons and toxins.

The Limits of Do-It-Yourself Treatments - How to Tell When You Need More Help

I'm a big fan of taking charge of my own health, both my emotional and my physical health. But recently I learned a few lessons about when to call in the experts. I grew up with a father who was basically a holistic doctor - he was a "regular" physician, but also very much versed in all sorts of natural healing approaches, from herbs to Dr. Kneipp's water treatments.

How To Get Over A Cold

With the cold season come different cold-related illnesses. Since summer is nearly over, the winter will bring some of your friends and colleagues who are sick, and this scenario will make it hard for you to stay healthy and free from sickness, too. Now, if you are taking supplements and drinking juices, particularly orange ones, you may safe for a few days.

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