Tinnitus and Chiropractic Help

If you suffer from tinnitus, you might be very miserable and might not know what solution to get to achieve relief from the pain that this condition causes. Usually, people with this condition go to doctors hoping they will find a solution for the ringing in their ears but they end up getting treatment for the symptoms and those too temporary solutions.

Chiropractic Can Help With Migraines

Migraines can be very painful at times. Chiropractic treatment is a safe and natural way of getting relief from the pain and avoiding medications at the same time. Prescribed medicines can help you for some time but they cannot provide you long term relief. Therefore, many people are turning towards chiropractic treatment to get relief from the pain.

The Power of Intent

Self-Reiki is the basics of Reiki. As soon as you learn Reiki Sho-den (Level I) your teacher will tell you to 'practice' as much as you can and minimum twice a day. Self-Reiki is the opening gate to understand how the energies work. To re-align your whole body and auric body to new vibrations. Self-reiki is an act of kindness to your self. Once you progress on the Reiki path, then you will be able to put more labels on the energies and describe how your intuition is sharpening.

Help With Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is the inflammation of the outer part of the elbow. It is called lateral epicondylitis in medical terminology. The condition and the pain of tennis elbow results from the inflammation of the tendon and the outer layer where the tendon from the back of the forearm connects with the bone of the upper arm. The muscles that straighten the wrist are connected to the bone by the tendon.

Pranic, Tantric and Reiki - What Are They and Do They Work?

Whether or not you have a penchant for the books on spiritual practices, volumes on healing or dare I say works on sex, the following terms may be ones that you have heard before. Do the terms 'chakra' or 'tantra' ring a bell? Other terms you may have picked up from New Age Literary delights include 'prana' and 'aura'. So, what are they exactly, do they work, and if so, how?

Help With Hockey Elbow

A condition that starts on the outside of the elbow, hockey elbow can be quite painful and discomforting. This condition happens when the tendon muscles get irritated and inflamed at the point where they are attached to the protuberance of the elbow joint which is called epicondyle. Hockey elbow can either be on the inside portion of the elbow or the outside of the elbow.

Help With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chiropractic treatment is famous for its effectiveness in healing neck and back troubles. But it is a wrong notion to believe that it cannot treat other methods that result in bad health situations. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one such condition for which chiropractic can work wonders. It has proven to be very beneficial for those who are suffering from discomfort due to this condition.

Learn Reiki: Master This Ancient Form Of Energy Healing And Learn A New Path Toward Health

You may be a bit curious to know why now is the best time to learn about Reiki and energy healing. For many Reiki practitioners, the ability to be calm and at peace during stressful times is one of the best results that this ancient practice provides. For those who have been under Reiki treatment, there is said to be a feeling of healthfulness that comes from it.

Energy Therapy Techniques

Energy Therapy and how to use it. Fluff & Tuck (cleansing the Auric field) Draw the hands down from head to toe, 4 - 6 inches from the body Your hands are like rakes, feeling for any disruptions in the field, hot, cold, sticky, or tingly. Feel for changes in density. Make six or eight passes as you complete a circuit around the peramater of the body.

Why Is There a Resveratrol Anti-Aging Debate and What Future Does It Have?

In the last few months a real debate has developed over the ability of resveratrol to extend human life span and solve medical problems in using resveratrol in treating human health problems. There are no simple answers to the questions arising from the debate. Major pharmaceutical companies which had made large investments in researching resveratrol have pulled out of their research and canceled major projects.

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