Hair Growth Remedies - How Do They Work?

According to statistics, nearly 35 million men and 21 million women, in America alone face, hair loss and balding problems. This has lead to the growth of the cosmetic market, which advertises miraculous treatments. Most hair growth remedies proclaim results which are mostly unachievable by the products. Since most people are so emotionally attached to their hair, they are generally willing to try any method to get their tresses back, once balding or hair fall sets in. One look through the Internet for hair growth remedies and it's evident that there are more scams than actual products that help.

One of the most popular treatments for hair loss is laser hair growth, sometimes also referred to as photo-bio-stimulation. The method was invented while a researcher was trying to prove that cold laser light can cause cancer. While trying to conduct the experiment on mice, he noticed that hair growth was stimulated and to his surprise, the experiment didn't lead to cancer either. It is not intrusive and currently one of the most popular hair loss treatments available - cosmetically and medically.

Another one of the popular hair growth remedies are the biotin products. The main component of the product, biotin, is available in a host of daily food items, but in the hustle bustle of daily life we forget to add those components of food into our diet. Biotin is available in vegetables like soy beans, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower and cucumber; in nuts like almonds and peanuts; and fruits like strawberries. Biotin is also available in halibut, eggs, liver and milk.

Most biotin hair growth products are meant for people with biotin deficiency, but in general, a biotin shampoo or condition helps grow thicker and fuller hair. It is definitely a simple way to grow back and also cheaper than laser hair growth systems.

Along with Biotin, there are a few other vitamins for hair growth, which when applied correctly, combined with some luck, can produce some astonishing results.

The first is Iron, which is actually an element, however is included in the "vitamins for hair growth" department. This key nutrient is vital for your body, helping link Oxygen to your blood. A lack of Iron, also called anemia, is one of the main causes of hair loss. This means you should start pumping Iron.

The last vitamin for hair growth I would like to discuss with you today is Silica, which is a mineral in fact. Silica helps prime your hair, sustain it, give it life. It makes it strong, beautiful, thick, the works really.

If and when you are experiencing hair loss, you might want to take a simple blood test, and see if you are low on any of the nutrients I mentioned in the last few paragraphs.

When looking for hair growth remedies, one thing people forget is the fact that not all methods suit all people. Diagnosing why their hair fall is occurring is one of the most crucial steps towards treating the problem. Hair loss treatments also come with their side effects. The best way to "choose" a treatment is to take advice from a doctor, but if you are looking at options on your own, make sure you have a fairly good idea about your body in terms of allergies, family history and other medications. While biotin is supplementary vitamin that helps in hair growth, laser is an external stimulant. If you are losing hair due to a biotin deficiency, laser probably won't help you.

Simple changes in diet and lifestyle can help you develop a healthier body and mind which in turn will help you grow thicker tresses.

By Harry Donovan

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