Why Use a BOSU to Get Back In Shape?

A BOSU can be a fun addition to your home gym when you are trying to get back in shape. Often called a BOSU ball, the "half ball" or blue exercise dome can help you improve your balance, core stability, coordination, conditioning and overall fitness. BOSU stands for Both Sides Up or Both Sides Utilized. The idea is that as you use either the flat side or the domed side of this piece of exercise equipment, you are coordinating your movements using both sides of your brain.

Wrist Heart Rate Monitor Watches

It's amazing how far wrist technology has evolved in the last 20 years. Today's heart rate monitor (HRM) watches are almost personal trainers. Not all feature laden HRM watches are for everyone. Some people only care about monitoring their heart rate, while others want to take advantage of all the bells and whistles these products offer. Let's look at the two extremes: the more affordable models that stick to the basics, and the ones for exercisers who want to track their workouts more methodically.

Yowza Fitness Biscayne Folding Treadmill Review

You can't beat the name "Yowza Fitness". They also sell some great fitness equipment. One of their premium treadmills is the Biscayne Folding Treadmill. The Biscayne Folding Treadmill comes with many great features... for the price. Check out these features. Size The running deck is 60 inches long by 20 inches wide. This is the standard size for premium treadmills.

Just the Facts Keewadin Club Folding Treadmill Review - A Yowza Fitness Treadmill

With the prices of treadmills falling all the time, it's no wonder more and more people are buying treadmills and other fitness equipment for their homes. After all, it's a one-time expense compared to ongoing gym fees. If you're in the market for a treadmill, Yowza Fitness is one treadmill vendor to check out. This article reviews the Keewadin Folding Treadmill by Yowza Fitness.

Informative Smyrna Running Treadmill Review - A Yowza Fitness Treadmill

Yowza Fitness doesn't offer a huge treadmill variety - but the 5 (to date) offered are all top quality. The prices do range, but you can be assured, regardless which treadmill you buy from Yowza, to get quality. Smryna is one of Yowza's lower-priced treadmills. You'll see in the following specifications that the Smyrna has all the premium features you need for a peak-performance treadmill - but with the Smyrna, not a peak price.

Bodylastics Coupon Code - How to Save Big Bucks With Bodylastic Customer Codes

Are you looking to save a few bucks by using a Bodylastics coupon code or customer code? In the following paragraphs, we will answer many of the frequently asked questions about how to save money using a Bodylastic coupon code in 2010. Perhaps you've heard of the Bodylastics resistance bands from your friends and want to get one for yourself, but think it is a little more than you can afford.

Rowing Machines For Fun Fitness

Many people have become concerned about their health over the years. However, many of us would prefer not to spend many hours in the gym to keep fit. When it comes to devising an exercise routine for yourself, the first thing to consider should be what sort of exercise will help you the most. Well, rowing is definitely one of those to consider! Rowing machines are fun fitness and will have you sticking to your new exercise regime in no time.

Comprehensive Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill Review

Bowflex is synonymous with home gyms. However, since wading into the home gym marketing, they also started selling treadmills. This article is a Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill review setting out some of the key features of this treadmill. Running Tread Deck Size 20" x 60". My preferred running deck size is 20" x 60", but I'm 6' 3" tall with a long gait.

Informative Juno Running Treadmill Review

Not everyone needs a folding treadmill. The Yowza Fitness Juno Running Treadmill is a non-folding treadmill by treadmill vendor Yowza Fitness. Check out the specifications on the Juno Running Treadmill: Running Deck Size 20 inches wide by 55 inches long. If you're tall and/or have a long gait, look for a 60 inch long running deck such as the Biscayne Treadmill by Yowza Fitness.

In-Depth Schwinn 240 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

The Schwinn 240 Recumbent Bike is a very popular recumbent stationary bike loaded with pre-set computer programs. For around $500, this recumbent exercise bike is a great value evidenced by the fact it is a top-selling recumbent bike. The following are some of the key features of this stationary bike. Type of Exercise Bike The Schwinn 240 Bike is a recumbent bike with an oversized saddle.

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