Guide to Laser Vision Correction

Laser vision correction is a phrase used to describe surgery that corrects refractive problems in the eye. Some people are born with corneas that are too curved or that are not curved enough and this can lead to a lifetime wearing glasses or contact lenses. There is laser vision correction surgery however that is available. This article looks in more detail at the surgery, what it can be used for and how the procedure works.

Wet Macular Degeneration: Treating The Disease

One of the best ways to go about treating Wet Macular Degeneration is to immediately get a handle on all of the variables. There are both natural remedies as well as medical treatments that should be consulted. These can and should be used in conjunction. Do not try and rely on one alone. While this disease is a devastating one and one that cannot be cured, there are many ways in which you may slow the profession.

Eye Care In Extreme Conditions

As we have experienced some of the most extreme weather conditions in recent years, through the flurry of disgruntled travelers and burst pipes, there are those among us that are raising their mulled wine glasses in glee... the winter sport enthusiasts. However, as they joyously take to the slopes, the cold snap brings its own challenges for outdoor enthusiasts and one hazard that's easy to forget is protection and general health care for the eyes.

Some Pointers To Help Buy Prescription Sunglasses

Purchasing prescription sunglasses is one of the simplest solutions to protecting your eyes while being able to see everything around you. Sunglasses are a must-have when you endure any type of eye problem since the UV rays from the sun could damage the eyes further. These tips would assist you in choosing and buying the correct sunglasses based on your prescription.

Small Incision Cataract Surgery - Shorter Healing Time For Cataract Patients

A lot of people are having problems with their eyes. While others can be corrected by using eyeglasses, some people would need to have a more permanent solution especially in the condition of cataracts. One of the latest eye solution people are having today is small incision cataract surgery. A cataract is the condition when the eye is starting to accumulate some white materials that will make the vision clouded than the usual.

Be Prepared For Cataract Operation Side Effects

Cataract has been a known helpful solution for people who experience blurred vision due to cataract. This surgical procedure can help people attain the best vision and start improving their lives quality and lifestyle since they can see properly. but even if this type of procedure is very effective, its' still important for people to find out its different effects for the patient.

Steroids: Good for Glaucoma Surgery

After traditional glaucoma surgery (called trabeculectomy), scarring is every surgeon's nightmare. The tract the surgeon has created to let fluid out of the eye is at risk of closing if scarring ensues. Wound healing therefore defeats the whole purpose of the glaucoma surgery, which is to relieve the pressure of the accumulating fluid inside the eyeball.

Foods That Help Vision Improvement

Eating habits plays an important role in our life as good eating habits is essential for a healthy living whereas bad eating habits lead to health disorders. Talking of vision improvement, certain foods are that are high in vitamins help in vision improvement which is scientifically proven. A good diet includes fruits, green vegetables and also proteins and nutrients that you get from the daily products.

Air Optix Contact Lenses by CIBA - Treat Your Eyes With the Best

Almost all contact lens users just don't like the procedure of taking off the lenses and cleaning them every night and again wear it in the morning. People who are planning to switch on to the use of contact lens instead of wearing thick & heavy glasses generally ponder over this very aspect and tend to change their decision. Today, either people are leading a very busy lifestyle or they are not at all convinced to face the additional hassles that the contacts generally bring along with them.

Are Carrots Good For The Eyes? Probably Not But Omega 3 Fats Definitely Are

Are carrots good for the eyes or is it just a myth? Generally it's considered to be a myth that carrots are good for your eyes. However it is becoming much more clear that adding more Omega 3 essential fatty acids to your diet is definitely good for your eyes. Omega 3 fatty acids, and in particular DHA, (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), are good fats which are found primarily in the oil of fish, though in small amounts in other sources as well.

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