Understand Age Related Macular Degeneration So You Can Know The Suitable Treatment

Age related macular degeneration is simply increased degeneration or death of macular photoreceptors with age, usually above 50 years, leading to severe diminution of vision. Normally photoreceptors decrease with age as any other permanent tissue that does not divide. About 90% of AMD are of the wet type and the other 10% are of the dry type. But what's the difference between both?

Eye Care: The Values of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential to fighting free radicals in your body and repairing tissue, but did you know that it's also great for your eye health? Daily intake of vitamin C can reduce your risk of developing cataracts and AMD, helps promote healthy capillaries, and reinforces the health of your ocular blood vessels. If you're unsure about what they are, a cataract is a cloudy or opaque area in the normally clear lens of the eye.

Big-Eyed Contacts Without Rx: A Big No-No!

If you've ever seen the huge doe-like eyes of an anime cartoon character you've seen the look countless teenagers and twenty-somethings are going for with large circle contact lenses. The look became a rage after Lady Gaga was shown with an oversized stare in her music video for the song "Bad Romance." Circle contacts, which come in a variety of colors ranging from natural brown to bright pink, give the illusion of larger eyes, because the colored part of the lenses cover parts of the whites of your eyes, the sclera.

Children's Eye Care: When to Start Visiting the Eye Doctor

Good vision is essential to a child's success as they enter school-age years. As much as 80% of everything students learn is through their eyes, and if their vision is not performing properly their academic performance can suffer. As children progress in school, so does the demand on their visual capabilities; therefore, it is important to start monitoring your child's eye health long before they're in the classroom.

The Costs of Laser Eye Surgery

The cost of having laser eye surgery is actually cheaper than you may have thought. It is a medical procedure, and as such there are, of course, some fees involved, but by no means is the cost as high as with other medical operations. It is impossible to give actual prices of treatments and procedures because they differ so wildly between eye hospitals, however it is possible to provide a guide.

Can You See in 3-D?

Justin Bieber's Never Say Never, Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story 3. What do all these box office hits have in common? You can see them in 3-D! Or can you? If a movie-goer has a misalignment in their vision, paying extra for a 3-D version of a film might be a waste. There are millions of people in the United States who cannot actually see the effect that 3-D movies create, because their binocular vision is not functioning properly.

How to Decide If Designer Sunglasses Are Worth the Price

Different people have different opinions when it comes to purchasing a pair of designer sunglasses. Some individuals are willing to spend more for higher quality, whereas others don't really notice the difference. To many, a pair of sunglasses is simply something you wear to protect your eyes from being directly exposed to the harmful rays of the sun.

Difference Between Day And Night Vision

Night vision equipment is quite common these days, although it has been widely used for a long time by certain sectors such as the military. Back then, these pieces were meant to increase night visibility of soldiers during operations or even as a basic security measure for managing their camps or stations at night. The military still uses these gadgets today, but civilians have also found that these come in handy for personal purposes.

Non Prescription Colored Contacts - Change Up Your Look Today!

If you're seeking to change your look in a fresh, new way without spending a large amount of money, then you may want to check out colored contacts. You do not need a prescription to get colored contacts; all you need to do is have your eyes professionally measured, if you have not had that done before (or if it's been many years since you saw an eye doctor;

Stylish Sunglasses at Low Price Is Available

Sunglasses, as a kind of fashion accessories, not only used in summer. It could be used almost in every season. Even in winter or cloudy day, the air still contains some ultraviolet radiation which may do harm to our eyes. So wear a pair of sunglasses outdoor is necessary. And high techs make our life easier that we can get some cheap prescription sunglasses online.

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