Why to Get LASIK Before Your Next High School Reunion

High school reunions are events that mark the passage of time and make us stop and evaluate our accomplishments over the years. High school reunions also offer an opportunity to meet old friends, catch up on the latest events in each others' lives, and-yes-compare what the years have done to our looks. Perhaps this is why many people decide to get plastic surgery before their high school reunions.

Corneal Abrasions: Scratches on Your Eyes

Have you ever had that feeling that there was something scratchy in your eye that you couldn't get out? It may have been a corneal abrasion. A corneal abrasion is a cut or scratch to the cornea, the clear cover on the front of your eye that covers the iris (the colored part) and helps it to focus light. While they can be painful, they are quite common, and minor ones heal with little consequence to your vision.

Gear Up for Spring Sports With Protective Eyewear!

Is your child gearing up for Little League, soccer, or another Spring sport? Active in sports yourself? While your gathering uniforms, helmets, and pads, don't forget about protecting the eyes! Make sure you and your kids are playing to their full potential with the right sports vision gear. Gone are the days when athletes with mild prescriptions would just take off their glasses and play.

Three Reasons to Have LASIK Before Your Wedding

LASIK is one of the miracles of the modern medical science. Within mere minutes, this procedure can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, helping the patient see without glasses or contact lenses. After receiving LASIK surgery, many patients regret only one thing-the fact that they did not seek LASIK earlier. If you're about to get married, don't wait!

Importance of Sports Glasses

If you are a very active person when it comes down to sports, if you are a runner or a cyclist you would definitely need a pair of sports sunglasses. Many people do know the importance but do not realize it to its full potential and that's why they get away with not having a pair of sports sunglasses. Listed below are a few basic important reasons for one to own a pair of sunglasses.

Cost Of Lasik Eye Surgery

Heard about Lasik and wondering if it's right for you. This vision-correcting surgery can now be performed by doctors all across the world. But what is the cost of Lasik eye surgery? Is it covered by insurance? How much out of pocket can you expect to pay? The average Lasik surgery, sadly, is not covered by health insurance. But, of course, every case is different, so you should check with your insurance before making any decisions.

HDTM Lasik

Ever heard of Lasik surgery? You probably have. But have you heard about HDTM Lasik surgery? Many people haven't yet. HDTM Lasik is the newest technological advance in Lasik surgery. It uses WaveScan technology to look into your eyes. This scan can tell your eye doctor about your genetic makeup and the way your particular ocular system functions. It sounds like science fiction, but it's the stuff of today's reality.

Lasik Surgery

If you have had vision problems, you probably have heard the words "Lasik surgery" in your travels. It seems everyone is talking about Lasik surgery. But you may not know what it is or if you are a good candidate for it. Here is some basic information to get you started on your research into Lasik surgery. The eye uses its cornea to bend light and create an image on the retina.

Quick Tips On What To Do Before Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery will give you an opportunity to eliminate contacts or glasses permanently and get to see normally. During this surgery, the surgeon will correct the shape of the cornea and this will allow you to focus naturally. Since vision is very important, it's quite understandable that you will be worried and concerned when you have to undergo a Lasik treatment.

A Basic Overview Of Lasik Surgery

If you are wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses and would like to improve your vision, consider LASIK surgery. Doctors generally recommend that you should not wear contacts before the surgery in order to give your eyes time to adjust, which can be three days for soft contacts and three weeks for hard lenses. It will be okay to wear eyeglasses to avoid headaches and accidents.

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