Boxing Training Program

A boxing training program is essential for the serious boxer. For the one that want's to take his boxing to a whole new level, a structured program is definitely recommended. Boxing is a great sport and martial art, the wonderful thing with practice this type of martial art is that it will keep you fit and you will get a nice body. Boxing keep your whole body up to date, mentally and physically, your condition and health is bound to be amazing.

How To Keep Fit With Salsa

Would you like to lose weight and keep fit and have fun doing it? The good news is that you do not have to be chained to a treadmill in order to get in shape, there are other options that are much more fun and effective at the same time. You can keep fit with salsa dancing and have a great time doing it. There are a couple of options that are open to you when you decide that you would like to learn this style of Latin dancing.

Visual Impact For Women - The Last Women's Diet And Exercise Routine You Will Ever Need

"Visual Impact For Women" is a workout program that is tailored specifically to help those achieve a slim and feminine physique. Rusty Moore designed the routine to help women sculpt their body in a way that enhances a woman's assets without the bulk. For years the fitness industry has designed workouts that simply made women look like smaller versions of men.

P90X Results: 5 Tips on How to Get Past Hypertrophy and Strength Plateaus

A common goal among most men during P90X is to increase lean muscle mass and strength. For most men this can be a struggle. And to make matters worse a lot of times they will hit a plateau and become frustrated. I have learned quite a bit through my fitness journey through experience, research and asking tons of questions. Below are 5 areas that I have used to constantly move my fitness forward.

Bingo Wings - How To Get Rid of Them

A recent poll of over 1300 women in magazine Prima found that 3 out of 4 women rated their upper arms, or 'bingo wings' as you may know them as the part of the body they liked least, surprisingly more so than even their bums. One in four of the women surveyed said that they had even stopped waving or moving their arms in public altogether. But when we talk about bingo wings, what is it we are actually talking about and what can we do to get rid of the dreading 'wing'?

Why Strength Training Is Important for Everyone

Everyone knows the obvious benefits of exercise such as losing and keeping off weight, decreases in body fat, strengthens your heart and lungs, gives you more energy, lowers your cholesterol, decreases the risk of heart disease, decreases your risk of colon and breast cancer, helps you feel good about yourself, just to mention a few. Actually, the benefits are endless.

Personal Training Overuse or Abuse Injuries

At some point you may have experienced, or know someone who has experienced, an overuse injury. According to the Mayo Clinic these are injuries to muscles, joints, or connective tissue resulting from repetitive trauma. One of my original mentors, John Dicksa, preferred to use the term abuse rather than overuse. While overuse may describe the mechanism of injury, to me abuse includes the process we used to get there.

How a Home Workout Benefits Personal Fitness and Health

In our society today, no one can deny that being fit and healthy is not a priority of man. Everyone wants to stay in shape no matter who they are. This of course is one of the reasons why adults and youngsters alike make the effort to go to gyms and other fitness centers of the like in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But you might ask, "What about those people who really cannot make the time for it or are too jam packed with a busy schedule?

Does The Insanity Workout Work? What To Expect From This Killer Workout Program

Does the Insanity workout work? One word, Absolutely. This workout is a very intense home workout designed to get you super fit in 60 days. We will talk about the program and what you can expect from this workout that is gaining notorious popularity. The Insanity workout has been gaining a lot of popularity since its release in 2009. It's no wonder why.

Dance For Fitness And Feel Fabulous

Dance for fitness and join an exercise craze. As an approach to exercise it changes the way individuals approach the topic. Aerobics may be gruelling, but disco is fun. You get to listen to energizing music and work out with a whole bunch of people. With this attitude, slipping on your running shoes and getting out the door becomes much easier. If you like night clubs, take note: fitness and diet go together.

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