Can You Escape the Dogs? A Guide to Functional Fitness

Are you a clone in the modern fitness army? Just the other weekend I was up at a ski mountain and wanted to get a workout in. It was -2 degrees out so I reluctantly decided to go to the local gym. Even though I have been to gyms many times, I was shocked all over again at the way modern fitness has evolved. Rows upon rows of people, all running on treadmills, all watching their favorite shows on the TV!

Making Exercise a Priority For You and Your Family

If you're like most people you have gained some weight during the holidays and want to start exercising or want to take your fitness to another level in 2011. In today's age where there doesn't seem to be not enough time during the day, there is one aspect of our life we cannot neglect and that is our health. We owe it to ourselves to get into shape and for those with children you need to become an example especially now with the obesity rate being so high among children who rather stay indoors and play video games.

Burn More Calories Walking In A Winter Wonderland!

Your exercise routine doesn't need to take a break due to the cold weather. Outdoor winter walking has some really surprising advantages! First, it keeps your bones strong. Rather than staying indoors when it is cold (like a bear hibernating), get outside. When you are inside, you are most likely getting too little sunlight. Sun exposure triggers vitamin D production inside the skin and bones need vitamin D to properly absorb calcium.

What Is A Good Cardiovascular System Exercise For Seniors?

If you over 50 and been ignoring your physical fitness goes, then you need to start a good cardiovascular system exercise right now. Does that automatically trigger apprehension in you? That's understandable. You know what they say about motivation. "A mass in motion, stays in motion unless acted upon by an equal and opposite force." Conversely, when it is not in motion it will stay that way.

How to Lose The Belly Fat Faster - 3 Alternatives to Treadmill And Elliptical Machine Workouts

Apart from being insanely expensive, treadmills and elliptical machines are relatively the least effective for belly fat loss, weight loss and muscle-building. Studies have shown that running on treadmills may be less effective than running outdoors. This is based on various reasons such as stride inappropriateness on treadmills vs natural running, slightly less fat burn compared to outdoor running and other alternatives.

Back Strengthening Exercises Tips

A vast majority of people in the world today live a very busy life. Stress factors can be found almost everywhere: from your boss, from your co-workers, even from your children. These physical and emotional stress factors can manifest themselves into body aches, particularly back pain. Only a very few of us, however, practice the most effective and efficient way to prevent these back aches from occurring: back strengthening exercises.

HCG Exercises for Weight Loss

HCG Exercises to lose weight Exercise is an important part of any weight loss program including the HCG Diet. You are required to exercise to lose weight, irrespective what diet you follow. No diet program will be able to give fast results, if you do not complement it with an exercise regime. You should always remember that while performing any exercise to get healthy, you should do it in the right way, or else it lowers the rate of fat burning and weight loss.

Abs Flattening Tips

Some tips to flatten the abs All of us love to see the six packs flaunted by models and movie stars. But attaining them is altogether a different game. Is it possible for every one to flatten the abs? Of course, it is possible for almost any one to gain six pack abs. These are not the exclusive domain of movie stars and super models. But the journey to get six pack abs is never going to be a cake walk!

6 Reasons Why You Will Quit Your Running Program Within The First 2 Weeks

There are 6 reasons why beginners to running fail to maintain a running routine for more than two weeks. Unclear Goals Setting goals is the foundation of any exercise routine's success. If you don't have an attainable goal in your sights and a clear plan of action you will fail. The more time you put into the goal setting process and the more detailed your plan is the higher your chance of success.

Intense Kids' Exercises Are Necessary

The longer and harder you exercise, the better results you'll see. This obvious statement is true for kids too. High intensity kids' exercises are more effective at creating healthy kids than low intensity exercises. A study was done over a period of four days, observing 800 children, ages nine and 10 years. The kids who were involved in vigorous kids exercise for 40 minutes or more each day had less body fat than the kids who exercised less than 20 minutes a day.

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