Getting Fit Without a Gym

So here are a few tips for getting fit without going to a Gym... Variety: The key to working out at home is to keep your workout interesting and fun. I often will do a certain type of exercise for a month or so and then change it up. This is great for your body as well as your muscles get used to exercise quickly. Try to choose a different feature of your fitness each day - one day maybe arms, balance, leg strength, breathing, control.

Too Much Exercise - Does It Exist?

The simple answer to the question of if it's possible to exercise too much is yes. Over-exercising can lead to injury, among other things, that will end up putting a stop to an exercise routine. The terms "overuse injury" and "over training" explain that in the most basic of concepts. Everybody has a breaking point. Some breaking points are much harder to get to than others, but everyone will eventually break if enough pressure is applied.

Jump Higher and Faster Using Plyometric Exercise

Want to jump higher and faster and gain a little edge on the competition? Forget the weights and toe raises and start doing more plyometric exercises. Plyometric exercises involve using our own body weight to increase strength and endurance. An example of a plyometric exercise is a push-up or wall-sit. These exercises are often meant to duplicate a particular movement and engage muscle groups to help you increase strength and flexibility.

Find Out If Aerobic Is Better Than Anaerobic Exercise When Getting In Shape

When it comes to aerobic vs anaerobic exercise, it is really hard to say which is better. Honestly, I don't think one really is better than the other. In order to fully understand which exercise is better for what, you need to understand what they do differently for your body and what the main differences between the two are. What is aerobic exercise?

How To Get a Six Pack: Hard Facts

Have you ever been to the beach and seen some hot stud strutting his stuff? He's all broad shouldered and tanned with washboard abs and he's looking great and what's more, everybody else is looking at him too? And then you look at your own waist line and see a flabby tummy, bloated and pale, and you reach down and pinch your flab and think, man, how could I ever get a six pack like him?

3 Easy DIY Fitness Tests

You can be a serious athlete or a couch potato. It is natural to feel the urge to check your fitness at some point of time or the other. These few do-it-yourself tests will help you assess your fitness and will tell you if you really need to hit the gym or whether your gym efforts are actually paying off. There are three main criteria to be evaluated.

The Zumba Videos Are A Cool And Amusing Workout To Get In Shape

Do you really have fun when you're dancing? Do you want to get in shape? Hundreds of thousands of people just like you around the world use the Zumba videos, a fun dance fitness revolution, to get in shape. The Zumba videos are perfect for anyone that doesn't want to go to classes at a health center because they can be done out of your own home. So what exactly is Zumba?

Running Injury Free Is Important

Staying injury free can be challenging for all runners. Here are some tips to stay injury free... 1. Start slow: When running for the first 5 minutes start with a slow jog. Your muscles need time to warm up before running faster. 2. Cool down: After jogging fast give yourself time for your body to cool down. 3. Don't increase distance too fast too soon: It is very important to gradually increase the distance you run when your starting out.

What Exactly Are Fat Loss Workouts Anyway?

It's highly likely you have heard about fat loss workouts at least once in your lifetime. But the question is what exactly are fat loss workouts anyway and how are they different from my workouts? In this article I am going to breakdown the anatomy of fat loss workouts in addition to uncovering the various types to provide a solid understanding of this flab scorching protocol.

Three Easy Exercises for Building Muscle Tone Around the House

Are you tired of going to the gym and doing workouts that cost big bucks but are not giving you the results you want? If so, you'll appreciate the freedom to work out when and how you please at home, without having to buy or use expensive equipment or worry about visiting the gym frequently. Here are three ways to work out at home and build muscle tone and stamina at the same time.

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