Interval Vs Steady State Cardio: The Final Verdict

I'll admit it: I absolutely hate doing cardio. That's why I when I discovered research showing interval cardio to be far superior to steady-state for fat loss, improved conditioning and general fitness, I got pretty darned excited! It turns out that interval training is superior to steady state cardio almost all of the time. There are some specific situations where LSD (long slow distance) work is appropriate - for example, when building a base level of conditioning, or training for an endurance sport (this turns out to be debatable as well).

The 5 Minute Wonder Exercise: Think Simple!

How many times have you come across a full-body exercise that helps you reach your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) within minutes? Not frequently, I guess. There are several full-body exercises but they are either very physically demanding or otherwise difficult to practice or they do not guarantee an easier and earlier MHR. Burpees. There is being very much noise about it of late.

Lower Crossed Syndrome

Our modern seated lifestyle results in lots of postural problems when we stand up and move around. Just like the upper crossed syndrome in the upper body, sitting for long periods of time, especially if slouching causes a host of lower body postural problems called lower crossed syndrome. Lower Crossed Syndrome Sitting down for long periods of time leaves the muscles at the front of the hip (the hip flexors) in a shortened position.

The Right Workout for Jumping Higher

So you want to be jumping higher? That is awesome since you can use that skill in most everything, especially sports like basketball, volleyball, and track. Not only will you build your jumping ability, but any other quick movements like sprinting and other quick movements. So to get down to it, there are a few workouts for jumping higher. The newest and most popular style is plyometric workouts because they mimic jumping movements and short, quick moves which are exactly the right types of muscles you need to build.

3 Different Workouts For Weight Lifting

When it comes to boosting your metabolism, burning body fat and getting toned nothing else compares to a good weight training workout. This is true for both men and women. For women, however, the thought of lifting weights can be intimidating and a major turn off because they are put off by the masculinity that has come to be associated with weight training.

Gymnastic Jumping Exercises

Doing Gymnastic Jumping Exercises are great for any athlete, whether gymnast or basketball or volleyball or more. The truth is that you can learn a lot in the gym. And theses are some exercises that work great for gymnasts but will translate over. The first and most popular exercise is jump rope. You have probably played with one of these when you were younger, but haven't likely picked one up in a while.

Easy Stomach Exercises for Women

Strengthening the core is vital to the way a woman looks and feels. Having strong abdominal muscles helps you keep your stomach pulled in and supports your back so that your posture is straight and tall. The following easy stomach exercises for women will target the rectus abdominus, which helps to pull your stomach up from your pelvis to your belly button.

Simple Workouts for Abs to Do At Home

Ask 100 men and women which area of their body they would most like to improve, and likely 90 or more will say their abs. This is not surprising since our abdominal muscles sculpt the very core of our bodies. Doing good core workouts will give a person, male or female, a nicely toned midsection and helps with their posture, making them look even thinner.

Rowing Exercise Machine - Health and Fitness Benefits of Indoor Rowing - Getting Fit the Easy Way

There are very few pieces of exercise equipment that provide an overall body workout that is better than an indoor rowing exercise machine. This machine can provide a fitness activity that can be enjoyed all year-long, by almost all ages and has health benefits for everyone. There is such a wide selection of indoor rowing machines, from the fold-up portable to the larger floor models, that one is able to purchase a rowing machine for significantly less than the cost of a gym membership.

Make Working Out Fun

Some people struggle to make it to the gym or just to their exercises. The problem I see is that they don't see it as being fun. It has become a stressful chore for them to do it. Sometimes they feel like they're alone in it and that it is for nothing. Well... there is a way to overcome all of this and have fun and excitement in your workouts. Listening to your favorite songs while at the gym may pump you up or relax you;

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