Greet The New Year With Your Get Fit Resolution

People almost always include getting fit in their new year resolutions. Year after year, it's always there. Why? Because most people cannot sustain their diet and fitness plans long enough to see results. According to studies, only 45% of people who have new year resolutions are successful. This new year gives you another chance to improve yourself.

Get the Abs You Desire With This Easy to Follow Workout

What looks better than a finely toned set of abs on a man or woman - is there anything?? The truth is you could have a set of these abs and you don't need to be at the gym 24/7 to gain them. There are simple rules, that if you follow them you will see results and benefits. These include your diet, completing defined workouts on a regular basis and sticking to a training plan.

How To Buy A Heart Rate Monitor

Why Buy One? Ask yourself what you're trying to accomplish. Is it losing weight? Do you have a running event that you want to do well in? Are you trying to maximize your efficiency in your workouts? There are many more reasons. You should buy a heart rate monitor if you're looking for tangible and tracked results. Many heart rate monitors allow you to set target zones and they'll alert you whether you're below a target zone or if you're too high.

Discover a Great Way to Exercise

Exercise by definition is any activity that is done or performed in order to practice, train or get used to that certain activity. When one hears this word though, many people often commonly think of physical exercise. Indeed this is all we're mostly familiar with because it deals a lot with our health. But there are many other reasons why physical exercise is done.

Glute Ham Developer - Key to a Better Butt and Thighs

A glute ham developer, or a glute ham machine is fairly self explanatory. Glute stands for gluteus and ham stands for hamstring. The main focus of this piece of equipment is to develop the gluteus and hamstring area, which is a problem area for most people. There are many more reasons to use this machine than just for aesthetics and improving the shape of your body.

Bumper Plates - Why Quality Is Paramount

When you're ready to buy a set of bumper plates, make sure you go with quality. This article will go into detail why buying cheaper plates is not ideal for the long term. Since these will be taking a pounding over and over, you can't go with cheap ones that will break quickly. I have seen several bumper plates that are only months old break down.

Crossfit Shoes - Key to a Great Training Experience

These days, shoe companies are coming out with all these new shoes to fix your gait or relieve pain while running. Now every running shoe has so much cushion, the foot has lost its feel of the ground. This is where crossfit shoes have come into play, as a leader in making big changes in what kind of shoes people wear while training. Big shoe companies have just started to figure this out, and they have been creating products to grab this new market too.

4 Tips on Running for People Who Hate Running

For an extremely long time, I have never been able to enjoy running. All throughout life, running has been an area of torture and torment. The thought of running even half a mile was enough to make me cringe. It still surprises me that not too long ago, I was able to complete a full 15 mile run. How was I able to do this? I dedicate it solely to good training using the 4 tips below.

Keys to Lose Fat, Gain Muscle and Get Stronger

Do you want to take your body to the next level? Then, chances are that you want to lose fat, gain muscle and get stronger. Losing fat is something that you have to take into account because you need to eat a lot if you want to grow, and this can lead to higher body-fat levels. The first thing you may want to do is to check your body-fat percentage.

If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It

If it ain't broke. don't fix it" used to apply to friendships. If what you were doing in them did not create a problem, you were advised to not "rock the boat." The assumption was that one person may want something more and thus feel inclined to ask for further gratifications. Of course, that almost always led to problems. In fitness, the dynamics are initially very much the same (though a little different down the road.

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