Is P90X For Women?

Lots of women think that if you workout with weights, do push-ups and pull-ups, you will end up looking bulky like a bodybuilder. With the P90X workout program, nothing could be farther from the truth. This full-body workout system is a way for women to build strength and tone muscles without becoming bulky or ending up looking like a guy. Measuring for Success When you start any workout program, you need a baseline to measure results, and starting with the P90X system is no different.

The True Importance of Workout Music

If you workout, you probably do realize how important music is. Music can really help motivate and push you and help you get through a workout. If you're not listening to music or you aren't listening to the right "type" of music, you can really sabotage your workout efforts. This isn't to say that you HAVE to listen to music, but more often than not you'll find that many people rely on their workout music to get them through.

The Best HIIT Jump Rope Workout

The jump rope may be one of the best pieces of fitness equipment. It is a necessity for anyone who exercises at home. If you're not an experienced jump rope user go out and buy one now. It may be challenging at first but you will get better quickly and then you'll have a great deal of fun jumping rope What you'll want to know before you purchase a jump rope: The jump rope ought to be long enough that when you stand on the center of the rope with both feet you can lift the handles up to your underarms.

When You Think of Exercising, Don't Throw in the Towel - Use It!

You do not need expense equipment to help keep your body in shape from your head to your toes. Towel exercises are great for travel, home and some exercises can even be done in the office or classroom. Grab a towel and get started on your path to fitness. Whenever you use one side of the body, repeat the exercise with the other side. The asterisk designates an exercise that can be difficult to perform.

Tennis Elbow Exercises Simplified

Tennis elbow exercises have been circulated for many years. So why is there so much disagreement as to which exercises are correct? The simplest approach to exercise in regards to preventing and rehabilitating tennis elbow must be (as in any condition) based on having knowledge of the elbow joint, and the muscles that affect it. Simply stated, the muscles that act on the joint must be strong and balanced, and creating maximum strength, balance and blood flow to the joint and it's tissues.

Sweat Garage's 1-Hour Workout

What you need: A stopwatch and some outdoor space. Warm-up: 10 minutes Set 1: Knee raises, 1 minute. Stand in place with arms extended in front of you. Lift your right knee as high as you can toward your right arm and back down. Do the same with your left leg to left arm. Alternate sides in a slow and controlled fashion. 30 second break... Set 2: Knee raises, 1 minute.

Health Habits: Exercise Your Outside Options

Even Walking Can Bring Great Benefits Spring is still almost three weeks away in North America, but in much of the country, "cabin fever" is starting to bring humans back outdoors after months of hibernation. That's a good thing! Getting outside, even for a few minutes a day, can lift your spirits and aid your health and well-being. Here in southern Colorado, where my home office is, I am still doing my morning workouts indoors.

Why Display a Stretching Poster?

Whether you are a professional athlete, coach, physiotherapist or amateur sportsperson it makes sense to display stretching posters in your treatment room, training room or locker room, or wherever you are most likely to see it both before and after training/work-out sessions. Everyone knows the importance of stretching before and after exercise and yet so many of us either don't do it at all (especially after exercise), don't spend enough time on it or don't do a wide enough range/the correct exercises.

What Are Anatomical Planes of the Body?

Medical professionals, movement therapists and those employed in the sports industry often refer to sections of the body in terms of anatomical planes (flat surfaces). These planes are imaginary lines running either vertically or horizontally through the body. The terms are used to describe specific body parts and movements. There are three main planes of the body: Sagittal (median) plane: this plane divides the body into right and left parts.

Top Three Stretches for Kayaking and Canoeing

Everyone knows the importance of stretching, you'll likely have seen athletes, footballers and basketball players warming up before training and performing a range of stretches. For some reason, however, there are some sports - such as kayaking and canoeing- where stretching is something of an afterthought, in some cases ignored completely. There are no videos, posters or health and fitness books specifically for stretching for kayakers/canoeists, but pulling, straining and damaging arm, back and even abdominal and chest muscles is just as likely to happen in kayaking as in any other sport, so stretching is essential;

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