Comforts of Lift Chairs

Almost everyone has that one favorite chair. You know the one that is so worn that your wife or family is always, jokingly, threatening to throw it out. It can be very hard for us to give up our favorite chair, but now there is a great reason. If you or someone you love has trouble standing up than a lift chair is for you. Lift chairs work by raising the seat at a very slow and steady pace that leaves the user in a near standing position.

The Different Types of Cumulative Trauma Disorders

Cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) are injuries of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems that may be caused by repetitive tasks, forceful exertions, vibrations, mechanical compression (pressing against hard surfaces), or sustained or awkward positions. Cumulative trauma disorders are also called regional musculoskeletal disorders, repetitive motion disorders (RMDs), overuse syndromes, repetitive motion injuries, or repetitive strain injuries.

4 Tips to Properly Fitting Yourself to an Office Chair

Most of our jobs and lifestyles require sitting for multiple hours a day the majority of the work week. You could be sitting in your office chair tasking, sitting during a meeting, sitting waiting to be seen, or sitting in your car driving to and from work. For some of us we actually spend more time sitting down throughout the day than we do sleeping at night!

The Advantages of the Executive Fabric Chairs

It has been reported by the Office of National Statistics that more than 70% of the general public suffer from back pain at some point in our working lives. This may be the result of having a poor quality chair, which can also lead to long-term bad posture, increased stress on the spine and pelvis as well as headaches. It is important, therefore, for office workers to have chairs that allow them to sit in a position in which the spine is naturally balanced and well supported.

What Is a Ball Chair?

A Ball Chair is actually a fitness ball used as your primary seating device. The thought behind the Ball Chair is to accomplish a couple things: Comfortable seating to alleviate lumbar pain or discomfort. Stimulate and possibly strengthen your core. Allow you to move around and not be stagnant for extended amounts of time. There have been many recent developments with creating complementary hardware or bases to place the fitness ball in, that give it the appearance and feel of the standard office chair.

Drafting Chair - Get the Best

Generally a drafting chair is used to provide comfort and an ergonomic environment. The wrong choice can result in bad sitting posture which can result in constant pain in ones neck, arms, legs, back and feet. So it's a very crucial decision to choose the best drafting chair that will help one to feel comfortable and also helps in one's health. These chairs are generally used in offices and with computer desks.

P90X Workout Program Schedule - Secrets of the P90X Workout Plan

P90X Workout can be described as the most current hit around the health and fitness sector. Probably you'll realise why is that when you notice the effects of people which have finalized the 90 days program. The main strategy in this course is referred to as Muscle confusion. Exactly what does it mean? For all those doing exercises for a longer period and always perform the workouts at the identical order the muscle tissues becomes accustomed to the exercises and then the exercise result is minimal.

Ergonomics in The Workplace: Micro to Macro Success Stories

The OSHA ergonomics standard was rescinded several years ago, yet many companies continue to establish and/or expand ergonomics programs in their workplaces. Why is that? The reason is that effective ergonomics programs save companies money! Ergonomic risk factors in the workplace continue to plague many employers. In Pennsylvania in 2004, sprains and strains represented 43.

Back Injury Prevention By Lifting Properly

Let's face it! Statistics show that most back injuries occur when lifting, bending or twisting - in fact these activities account for 75% of all back injuries. In addition, the lifetime prevalence of low back pain in the general population is 80%. This results in loss of work, interference with daily activities and has direct and indirect health care costs of billions of dollars annually.

Ergonomic Office Desks - Is It Designed With You In Mind?

When you sit at a desk all day for your job you want to make sure that you have one of the ergonomic office desks. How to tell if your desk is ergonomically correct for you: You should have correct posture. In order to do this your eyes should be at the same distance to your computer monitor as it is to your desk. This will protect your eyes from having to focus over and over.

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