Are You 'Crash Dieting' Your Business?

We all know crash diets don't work. They don't work because they're quick fix strategies built on unrealistic promises, unreasonable time-lines and impossible demands for skills and talents. And we know the impact on our self-confidence is tremendous. We feel like failures because we weren't able to 'just do it'. These days I am seeing a lot of crash diet promises of quick-money from on-line businesses.

Entrepreneur Bootstrapping Business Idea - Become an In-Home Care Worker

In-home care for people that cannot care for themselves is becoming a booming industry. This includes the elderly, people with disabilities, and people that are temporarily injured. Read more to find out what you can do to start your own in-home care business. With in-home care, you are not provide nursing care for the patient (although this is also possible).

Entrepreneur Bootstrapping Business Idea - Become a Personal Assistant

Becoming a personal assistant can be a rewarding job for people that really like organizing and planning. Here, you will assist an executive, wealthy entrepreneur, busy homemaker, or anyone else that does not have enough hours in their day. Read on to find out how you can become someone's right hand man/woman. As we try to jam more junk into our daily schedules, the more people will in demand of a personal assistant.

Networking and Winning Entrepreneurial Strategies - Review Your Target Niche to Find Ideal Clients

Do you have trouble getting referrals (or clients)? You may want to deploy some winning entrepreneurial strategies. Here's the first major strategy: go back to the basics. Have you ever properly defined your target niche? If so, maybe you've been watering it down, and it's time to review whom you're targeting with your marketing efforts. If you haven't, it's about time to get started.

Why Entrepreneurs Love to Start Projects - But Never Finish Them

I want to admit something to you right here, right now. I have Entrepreneurial A.D.D. in a bad, bad, way. Is this a certified illness? Well, the A.D.D. part (Attention Deficit Disorder) certainly is and yes I have that... and have had it since before there was a name for it. But I do believe that a ton of great business minds and marketers are afflicted with this condition as well.

When Your Spouse Just Doesn't Get Your Entrepreneur Bug

If the title of this article caught your eye, then it's likely that your spouse just doesn't "get" the whole entrepreneur/ home business thing you've got going on. It may even be causing problems with your marriage, especially if you've decided to jump in with both feet. Fortunately for me I was lucky, and Ann caught the entrepreneurial bug on her ownM/b>.

Being an Entrepreneur - The Reality of Following Your Dream

Entrepreneurialism can sound like a frightening word (and that's not just getting the spelling right! ) The trouble is that many people assume that entrepreneurs are go-getters of the modern world, the high flying successes with bank balances bursting at the seams, and the Midas touch that turns ideas into gold overnight; they're the people whose bank managers call them up asking for a loan.

20 Online Resources For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Hi everyone, since it's Good Friday, we though it would be good to do something different. So here's an interesting post highlighting some excellent resources for all you budding entrepreneurs, enjoy. Anyone who is interested in becoming an entrepreneur will find plenty of online resources to help them in their quest. From general resources and entrepreneurship training to financial and productivity tools, the web has everything needed to start your own business.

Smart Women Are Plugged In

A few days ago, I did something that I've never done before. I went hiking in the desert mountains with my good friend and Smart Woman, Debra. I've hiked many times in the mountains but I'd never been out in the desert mountains. This was quite a different experience for me. I highly recommend it as a way to get some exercise and see new forms of nature.

Entrepreneur Bootstrappers - Keep a 3-Day Work Week Just Like the Grandaddy of Marketing

Jay Conrad Levinson, the creator of Guerrilla Marketing, has kept a 3-day work week since 1971, all while running a marketing empire from his home, with no employees. See how you don't have to be a workaholic any more. Jay believes, like his mentors, that a true professional can get everything they need to get done in an 8-hour day or they are probably in the wrong profession.

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