Buying a Business - Getting Ready

Important questions to consider when buying a business in Thailand. By now you have finally decided you would like to be your own boss and come to the conclusion that buying an existing business, versus being an employee or starting from scratch, is the best way to move forward. Unless you have been involved in a successful business start-up before, this is a very wise move.

Entrepreneur Bootstrapping Business Idea - Run an Office Cleaning Business

Every night and day, millions of office are cleaned across the country. With very little in start-up supplies, you could be earning money tonight. At first you will be doing the cleaning yourself, but after you have established enough clients, you will be able to hire employees and build your business rather rapidly. Companies keep cleaning contracts for years, mostly out of laziness, and for trust reasons.

Entrepreneur That Still Has a Day Job - Live Like You Are Going to Be Laid Off

This article will explain how preparing and giving yourself a plan B in case of layoff, can dramatically increase your chances of bootstrapping success in your small business. If you still have a day job as you are trying to build your entrepreneurial empire, this article is for you. We live in such an uncertain job market now that no one is safe in any position at any job.

Entrepreneur Bootstrappers - Gain a Position in Your Market by Price Cutting the Competition

This article will explain the purpose of the loss-leader. By undercutting the pricing of your competitors, you can get a huge foot in the door for a new business, and then get customers used to your other services. This works in almost any industry. It works great in restaurants, where you can have weekly specials that you practically give away on certain nights, such as a steak dinner for $5.

Entrepreneurs - How to Slow Down and Enjoy Life While Building a Business

This article will explain how you can slow down and still run a profitable and exciting business. Capitalism has taught us that we should feel like every minute of the day should be filled with doing some kind of activity. Here is how to slow down: Workaholics are everywhere. In the U.S. we get fewer days off than most other countries and many of us still have trouble taking all of that time off, because we are so "busy" we just don't know "when to fit it in.

Understanding the Emotion Factor When Buying Or Selling a Business

Seeing it from the other side's perspective to take emotions out of the game? Buying a business is not only about financials, products, customers, employees, and assets. Although these factors are very important to the business and the business buyer, a buyer must also understand how emotions can affect the sale or acquisition of a business. If both the buyer and seller understand this in more detail, more time can be spent on making the transaction a success and less wasted on dealing with the emotional issues coming from each side.

How to Recognize the 2 Physical Characteristics of Creating Wealth

It seems like money grows on trees for people who make a lot of money but how is this done? Is it that they are super smart or just put in a lot of hard work? We'll take Elvis Presley for example. In 2003, Elvis's estate raked in nearly $40 million dollars that year alone! By not modeling after these different income streams, people may never be able to realize their dreams of becoming wealthy or accomplishing more in life.

In the Mind of the Entrepreneur - Drive

In this series of articles I will be discussing some of the mindsets that are common to all successful entrepreneurs. This will be followed by a second series that will teach you some tools that will allow you to adopt the mindsets for yourself. This first article details the drive that all entrepreneurs have that power them to their success. "Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be" - George Sheehan Drive comes from two main sources.

The Challenges All New Entrepreneurs Will Face

Becoming a new Entrepreneur and starting your own business is one of the scariest yet most exciting things you can experience. Every new Entrepreneur and Business start up will face good times and bad times, this is a certainty. I want to keep this article based around a Home Based Business as this is where my experience is. I have once started a bricks and mortar business but I failed so I'm not really qualified to talk on that subject.

Relationship Marketing Tips - Principles to Successfully Ask For What You Want in Your Business

One action you can implement immediately to help more people and make more money this month is to ask. It seems basic, just ask! It is so often overlooked. Have you asked for more business? Have you asked for more clients? Have you asked people to work with you? It's really fundamental. The first thing I'd encourage you to do in asking is understand what you're asking for.

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