Entrepreneurs - How to Find That Next Million Dollar Idea That Will Bring You Financial Freedom

This article will give you a few ideas for finding your inner creative side and tapping your subconscious for million dollar ideas, while you go about your day performing chores, going to the store, or even taking a nap. Million dollar ideas are everywhere. You just have to recognize them, pluck them out of the sky and capture them somehow so that you don't forget them.

Still Waiting For Your Stimulus Check?

There is an old saying "When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going! " In 2009 tough does not get it, you need to be working smarter, not harder. How do you get any tougher with the situation our economy is in? First of all you need to become an Entrepreneur and stop depending on our government for your stimulus check. People are getting laid off in record numbers, which has not happened since the Great Depression.

Does Your Business Need to Be Upgraded?

Building a thriving business in today's economy is certainly possible if you remain committed to upgrading your business practices. Here are seven tips to get you started with your business upgrade. Ask your clients to tell you exactly what you can do to serve them better. Listen, then implement. Upgrading your business from survival to thriving requires a commitment to exceptional client service.

Network Marketing For the Serious Entrepreneur

So you consider yourself to be a serious entrepreneur? You're looking to make really serious money through online network marketing? You're looking for a company that's into marketing a high priced, extremely valuable product? You need help? You're looking for worthwhile commissions? Then this article will help to point you in the right direction.

Ten Steps to Running a Successful Online Business

What are the steps to running a successful online business? The most important key to running a successful online business is marketing. Nothing else matters without marketing. The right business or product is useless if it's not marketed properly. So how do you become a master marketer? Just follow what the leaders in this industry are currently doing and learn from them.

Startup Law 101 Series - Where Should I Incorporate My Startup Business?

The Issue for Founders Founders of startup businesses need to decide whether to incorporate in Delaware or in the state in which they will be conducting business. In spite of the commonly held lawyer view to the contrary, I believe founders should think long and hard before choosing Delaware since it often is not the best choice for a typical early-stage startup company.

Buying a Business Vs Starting a New Business

Buying an existing and proven business is always easier and safer than starting a new business from the ground up. Historically, up to 80% of all new businesses fail within the first few years, while many of those that do make it successfully are often sold to new owners who make a lot of the gains. When you buy an existing business, you are often simply letting the world's entrepreneurs take the majority of the risk to develop new markets and see what works and what fails.

Entrepreneur Bootstrapping Business Idea - Run a Closet Organization Company

Closet organizing is a profession that has been around almost as long as closets. If you like to organize and are good with people, this can be a very low start-up cost business to run from your home. You need very few tools. To begin, you will probably want to organize only existing closets, and as you grow you can move in to installing new closet systems.

Entrepreneur Bootstrapper - Pricing Theory and How a Low Price Can Hurt Sales

This article will explain how the actual price of a product can be a marketing tool and also how it can reduce sales immediately by having too low of a price. Pricing theory has been around for a long time. There are university professors that specialize in pricing theory alone. Here we are going to discuss how the price of your product is helping or hurting your sales, and how you can use the price to your advantage.

Rigorous Belief and Application Always Wins

Many people who begin the challenging journey to set up in business and who ultimately succeed, start with a concept they passionately believe in. However, no matter how much you believe in a thing, you have to convince others that its worth investing in. It was Robert Louis Stephenson who once said "Everyone lives by selling something". When you have that amazing idea in your head and you just know it is something that many other people need, bringing this 'product' to market becomes your total focus in life.

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