Entrepreneurs - Do You Pay More For Water Than You Pay For Gas?

If you haven't already noticed, bottled water has taken over as the over-priced drink of the century. We pay 5-15 times more for a bottle of water than we do for the equivalent amount of gasoline. Why was the water industry so successful in pricing something so high for a product that is essentially free? Read on to find out how you can apply this technique to ANY business.

Sourcing Good Capital For Business Ventures

A lot of business entrepreneurs today, always face some thorny problems of raising a good capital to finance their efforts, this is because setting up any worthwhile business venture requires not only technical know-how but also good capital to keep the business going. The major issue then is how to find the right and profitable source of fund with a very high return and equally ensure the lowest accruable cost.

Selling a Business? - 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using a Business Broker

After 20 years in business the owner decides that it is time to sell his business. He thinks about calling a business broker, but decides to sell it on his own and save the fee that he would have to pay a business broker. Is this a good decision? I think if you interviewed the majority of owners who have attempted to sell their business on their own they would tell you that this is was necessarily the best decision.

Entrepreneur Toolkit - Write Your Own Book, Part 4 - Write the Book

If you've read the previous articles in this series, you should now understand that my philosophy for writing a book is to prepare completely before attempting to write even the first line. And now, as we get to Part 4, all of that preliminary work is complete, and it's time to get the words out of your head, and on to your computer screen. I'm going to go through the basic process, then give you two ultra-fast strategies for getting the words out.

How to Become a Millionaire - 8 Truths

I was inspired to write this article when I read Keith Cameron Smith's Book "The 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class". The book resonated with my ideas so well that I almost could've written the book. I have taken some of his ideas, meshed it with my own to create this short article on How To Become a Millionaire. 1. Millionaires think long-term.

Advantages of Forming an LLC

People are familiar with sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. Unknown to some however, there are also other business structures that may be more suited to their requirement. A limited liability company (LLC) is one of those business structures. It is a type all on its own but has the features of both a corporation and a partnership, something many think as one of the advantages of forming an LLC.

Create a Hot Marketing Niche Strategic Process

Everything begins with an idea. A Niche Market includes any product or service that's in great need or want. This is one of the best internet businesses that there is for two reasons. You can determine your own product as well as marketing niche. The key is to find a focused and targeted market, where you can supply something that people are already looking for.

Startup Law 101 Series - Ten Essential Legal Tips For Startups at Formation

Here are ten essential legal tips for startup founders. 1. Set up your legal structure early and use cheap stock to avoid tax problems. No small venture wants to invest too heavily in legal infrastructure at an early stage. If you are a solo founder working out of the garage, save your dollars and focus on development. If you are a team of founders, though, setting up a legal structure early is important.

How to Find the Best Business Opportunity For You

Times are tough for many right now. You may have been laid off or fired from your current job. Your company may have closed or cut your hours. Your friends and relatives might be out of work or struggling. You may be trying to save for retirement or college for your kids. There are as many reasons for wanting to work for yourself and be your own boss as there are opportunities out there.

Entrepreneur Bootstrappers - How to Research Your Competition

This article will explain some neat tricks for you to use when researching your competition in any market. You need to find out what the other guy is up to, especially when you are trying to develop a new business. You need to differentiate yourself, so why not do a little in-the-trenches research. If they are an on-line business, get on their list.

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