Entrepreneur Bootstrapping Business Idea - Event Planning For Piles of Cash

Event planners are everywhere. Think about how many weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, company parties, and graduations occur in a given month. An event planner is a broker of sorts, getting a lot of different businesses together to create the event. The demand is high and so are the profits. If you are outgoing and love organizing multiple groups of people at the same time, event planning may be your small business niche.

Entrepreneur Bootstrapping Business Idea - Tent Rental For Some Easy Cash

Tent rental companies are located throughout the country. There are hundreds of events every day that require tents, and for a reasonable investment, you can quickly be in business for instant profit. Tents are used for graduations, birthdays, corporate parties, wedding, concerts, flea markets, and just about any other event where people want to stay out of the elements.

Entrepreneur Bootstrapping Business Idea - Broker Almost Anything For a Tidy Profit

Brokers are middlemen between a buyer and seller of a product or service. A broker can be an integral part of a business deal for some really high-ticket items. read more to find out how. Brokers get a commission when a deal that they have put together, goes through. Usually this is a percentage of the sale price, but you can develop your fee structure any way you want.

4 Key Fundamentals to Leadership

There are 4 Key Fundamental to Leadership that makes up a great leader. These 4 fundamentals are broken down to the following categories Influence, Integrity, Inspiration and finally Improvement Leaders are always in the game and in the game to win. They have a predetermined outcome already designed in their minds eye. They apply what Stephen Covey refers to as "Begin with the end in mind".

Building a PI Practice to Sell

Most private investigative practices are first generation businesses which are established post law enforcement retirement for the practitioner to remain active, creative, and productive to supplement his/her retirement. Whenever that tenure expires the business becomes obsolete, dormant and ends without realizing any profit for its owner beyond the cash flow generated in the business's life cycle.

Become a Conference Calling Master Agent

Conference calling is one of the hottest services in the economy today. With businesses cutting back on travel and meeting costs because of the economic recession, conference calling is showing uprecedented growth. All areas of conference calling, including audio, web, and desktop video conferencing are showing double digit growth rates. If you are out of work or looking for a new career change, you should consider becoming a master agent, working out of your home and selling conference calling.

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