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Part 2 of a 5 Part Series Introducing the Concept of Participative Capitalism Our sense of things is that Capitalism is the underlying force that has undermined the current economic system and that it should be replaced. We generally look to some form of socialist solution to replace the Capitalistic one which we deem to have failed. But Wallace D.

Why That Dope Has Money and I Don't

There's a reason why some people have money and some don't. Of course, I'm not counting getting laid off, family tragedy, a stock market collapse, that sort of thing. Those are things that are unpreventable. However, some people are savvy with money in ways others are clueless. Some multiply their money while others waste it. Some invest their money wisely, while others choose overly risky investments.

Things I Should Know About Starting a Business - The Top 3 Things You Must Do First!

Starting a business can be an exciting goal for many people. So many people love the adventure and allure that entrepreneurship entails but when it comes to actually getting started and moving forward most people have absolutely no clue about what to do. So what are some of the most important things I should know about starting a business? Well here are some of the top things for you to consider when setting out on the road to business ownership.

The New Buzzword - Document Scanning

Documents galore, paper everywhere, files in every corner of the office and an inability to locate exactly what we need - this used to be the scenario in most offices many years ago. Storage facilities seemed to take up so much more space than the employees themselves. A little later we saw the advent of computers. Paperwork decreased, and data began to be stored in the computers and servers everywhere.

The 5 Laws of Successful Entrepreneurship

These 5 laws distill the wisdom from the successful entrepreneurs interviewed for the book: 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs Thriving in Uncertain Times which features exclusive interviews with some notable entrepreneurs including: Kim Jordan of New Belgium Brewing Co., Jake Jabs of American Furniture Warehouse, Christine Comaford, Allen Fishman of TAB, Bob Parsons of Go Daddy, and Michael Gerber of E-Myth.

Are You Wasting Precious Marketing Time Attempting Precision Vs Results?

Many solopreneurs and entrepreneurs spend their time trying different techniques for reaching and attracting clients. Let's face it, there are just so many options! Email marketing, direct marketing, social networking, offline networking, speaking, etc. It makes the head spin! And of course, you just have to try them all. How else will you know if you're missing a golden opportunity to attract your ideal client?

How to Make Money With a Window Cleaning Business

Houses and commercial properties have a lot of windows that get dirty over time. Often, the homeowner or property owner doesn't have time to clean the windows themselves or simply doesn't want to. But then again, they don't want their windows to look bad, so what to do? That's where you come in. As a window cleaner, you can help property owners keep their windows sparkling and make some nice profits in the window cleaning business.

How to Be a Valuable Producer in Any Calling

A winner is a winner, is a winner. No matter how you hear it, that is the fact you hear. In any business that is no exception. Although the how does not precede the why, they are equally important, yet they must be done in order, perfect order to succeed. Sure there are infinitely different ways to do them, but there is only one way to succeed, to win.

TOP Online Business Incubator!

There are many companies and systems claiming they are the best and have all the knowledge about online businesses and how to be successful. Let me share a few topics with you that you want to look at before getting started with any company or system claiming they are the best incubator for online businesses. 1. THE SYSTEM: You want to see if they have a system in place to take care of prospects instead of you having to deal with them all and constantly call them.

Women Entrepreneurs Are Moving on Up

Women entrepreneurs have grown at a rate three times the growth rate for overall U.S. businesses according to the Center for Women's Business Research. Many more young women entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses right out of school. A host of colleges and universities are introducing programs geared to entrepreneurship. Because women are still having trouble reaching the top levels of corporate management they have found a way around the glass ceiling by opening their own companies.

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