The World is in a Process of New Becoming

Part 2 of a 5 Part Series Introducing the Concept of Participative Capitalism

Our sense of things is that Capitalism is the underlying force that has undermined the current economic system and that it should be replaced. We generally look to some form of socialist solution to replace the Capitalistic one which we deem to have failed. But Wallace D. Wattles was way ahead of the game in 1910 when he pointed out that it is not capitalism that is at fault but the manner in which it has been manipulated by people who operate on the competitive plane as opposed to the creative plane.


I now turn to the other important book I referred to in part 1 and explore the distinction between power and force developed by David R. Hawkins in his ground breaking book Power versus Force. Power has to do with Love and the uplifting aspects of energy while force has to do with coercion and manipulation. In the words of Wattles it is the difference between the creative plane and the competitive plane. The creative plane brings about wealth and a win-win scenario whilst the competitive plane results in one or two winners and hundreds of thousands of losers. It is the realm of riches. And I distinguish between the rich and wealthy along the lines that Wattles uses in creating the distinction between the competitive and creative plane. Riches are temporary and wealth is sustainable. (See my post entitled Rich or Wealthy; Death or Life)


Capitalism in its intended positive form is the system of the advancing person. In this form it operates in the creative plane and uplifts, generates wealth and is sustainable. Capitalism in its negative form, as currently practiced in our global economic system, is the system of competition based on greed and self interest. This is never sustainable and must eventually shoot itself in the foot as we are currently witnessing. So what is the solution?


It's not about socialism or capitalism; that is just an emotional smoke screen which confuses us. The ideals of Socialism are correct. The ideals of Capitalism are correct. But the practice of both is flawed. What is needed is a system that combines the ideals of both ideologies and operates out of the creative plane that uplifts and advances life. And such a system I call Participative Capitalism because it encourages individuals to aspire to becoming all that they can be.

As Wattles states: the "desire to realize innate possibilities is inherent in human nature; we cannot help wanting to be all that we can be. Success in life is becoming what you want to be... It is perfectly right that you should desire to be wealthy.... for you can render to God and humanity no greater service than to make the most of yourself".


Wattles goes on to state that: "Every living thing must continually seek for the enlargement of life, because life, in the mere act of living must increase itself... The desire for wealth is simply the capacity for larger life seeking fulfillment... It is life seeking fuller expression". But where both socialism and capitalism have gone wrong is in the greed of an elitist and manipulative minority. Wattles proposes that the solution lies in becoming a "creator, not a competitor. You will get everything that you want, but in such a way that when you get it every other person whom you affect will have more than they have now".


According to Wattles the 19th and 20th Centuries were ruled on the competitive plane by the captains of "organized production but they will soon be succeeded by the agents of the multitude who will organise the machinery of distribution".

And it is through the machinery of distribution in the form of online and network marketing that a new form of capitalism that involves all stakeholders in both the vision and intent of the business as well as its rewards and benefits is being born and brought into existence. The world is not going to the dogs; it is undergoing a transformation from the old competitive and exploitative system of economics to a new creative and empowering system that will benefit all those that take up the new opportunity.


But it is not a system which rewards those that sit back waiting for something to fall into their laps. It is a system that rewards those that seek for the continual enlargement of their life and that of the planet. Stand up and claim your place in the sun by applying the 25 Laws of Wealth Creation and you will be a participator in the new world of participative capitalism and wealth generation.

Continued in Part 3 - Declaring the Seven Day weekend for 2010!

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