Bulimia Recovery: How to Achieve Successful Treatment

We all have issues that we must deal with every day; we may have an easy solution or we have to look for one. Problems can be solved by ourselves or we need help in finding an answer. When medical care is required, we will tend to get assistance without any questions asked. If we have a problem that we don't want anyone to know about, treatment will not be so easy.

How to Stop Eating Compulsively - 5 Secrets

Eating compulsively can take over your life and ruin your relationships, damage your career and kill your self esteem. The obsession to eat compulsively can be so strong that no amount of willpower can break it. There are, however things that you can do immediately to stop eating compulsively and begin to experience freedom from compulsive overeating.

Life With and Caring for an Anorexia Sufferer Part 1

I looked at this girl sitting on the other side of the conference table and marveled at how well she had handled the interview. She responded quickly and positively to every question or comment thrown at her. At times she countered with the skill of a humourist to some of the statements. "Are you very nervous, or is this your normal personality?" I asked after another clever interjection by her.

Teenagers And Eating Disorders

Teenagers have a litany of problems from peer pressure to rebellion. All of these issues that they have to deal with are a part of growing up. When it becomes a serious problem is when they are unable to balance their life and one problem becomes everything to them. For example, many young teenage girls today think that they are fat. Seeing all of their Hollywood stars on TV looking waif thin doesn't help.

Unnoticeable Long Term Bulimia Effects

There are a number of physical and psychological disorders today of which both can affect either men or women and even the younger boys and girls. One particular disorder, Bulimia, is an eating disorder that usually affects the younger female population. The processes of this disorder are eating and purging of food. Long term bulimia effects are very harmful both physically and psychologically.

Five Powerful Steps to Minimize Binging

I have been a binge eater for as long as I can remember. I've always loved to eat, and I've never really felt satisfied after eating. This why I binged so frequently. I was never full, never happy, and could never get that one HoHo I left in the pantry out of my head. Do you know what I mean? Food was always my highest mental priority. And there was no way around it.

Bulimia Symptoms and Signs

Sometimes events whether we want them to or not, begin to change us to a certain extent. We may begin to feel a certain way and begin a behavior that is not positive and can begin a life that we did not intend to have. This is how bulimia enters our life. It comes unexpectedly out of our negative behavior and poor way of thinking. Our lack of knowledge with bulimia symptoms help this disorder pass our way without our awareness and lead us to a dreadful path we never imagine of taking.

Anorexia Article: Ambivalence and Moving Toward Eating Disorder Recovery

I believe dealing with ambivalence is one of the keys to recovery from anorexia. It may also be the primary emotion that keeps girls and women from venturing out of illness into health. Ambivalence is when you desire two different things and that desire pulls you in opposite directions. For example you may have optimistic, yet also fatalistic thoughts about admitting you have a problem with eating.

Cure Emetophobia - Totally Eliminate Your Fear Of Sick

Emetophobia is the term applied to the condition of people who fear vomiting, fear sick itself or fear being near to people who are vomiting. Of course, most people fear vomiting, especially if it is in a public setting, but if this fear results in totally irrational behaviour, then emetophobia may be the cause. This behaviour may manifest itself in several ways.

Psychological Causes of Bulimia

Everyday there is something we worry and stress about. We worry about getting to school or work on time, we worry about what we look like and what we are going to eat; we worry about some of the silliest things. Dealing with the stresses in life can cause some to respond differently; to find a different solution perhaps others would. Bulimia uses food as a replacement and the causes of bulimia can be very emotional.

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