5 Symptoms of Bulimia That Can Make You Look Hideous

I experienced a range of symptoms of bulimia during my 10 year battle with this evil illness. Some were scary, some drained my bank account (like my expensive bulimia teeth! ) others were just plain embarrassing. I had dry skin, a heart murmur, grey bags under my eyes and teeth that were crumbling like old buildings. Yes, bulimia ravages your body.

Eating Disorder Articles: I Can't Eat, Mom, Because ED Won't Let Me!

This is a sample conversation that could go on in your daughter's head. Notice she is at least trying to talk back to ED. She is defending reasons she should eat. A girl in the early stages of anorexia would not be able to talk back like this. She would just listen and obey with little to no argument. ED: "See that girl over there? Look how skinny she is.

Eating Disorders: A Tip for When You or Your Anorexic Daughter Can't Sleep

It is common for girls to have difficulty sleeping, going to sleep or staying asleep. This may be related to the anxiety and depression that go along with eating disorders. The eating disorder thoughts may be rampant in their minds after a day of trying to eat more or trying not to purge. Evenings are increasingly difficult for girls to eat because they often believe they have already eaten enough or too much that day.

Take This Emotional Eating Disorder Quiz and See If You May Have A Problem

Many of us fall victim to emotional eating. Some of us don't even realize that we may have a problem. But emotionally over eating can lead to a seriously obsessive-compulsive behavior that if not treated can be devastating. This quiz will help you identify if you show signs of emotional eating. 1. When I go out to eat and have a delicious meal I: a) Enjoy it immensely but I stop as soon as I feel satiated.

Picky Eating Disorder

Picky eating disorder surely is not a deadly disease - but it's nonetheless something that should be taken seriously. Not just because it can impact the life of the person who suffers from it in a very negative way, but also because it might lead to long-term health problems. In the medical community, this condition is also known as selective eating disorder, and people often refer to it as fussy eating.

Discrimination Against Obesity Runs Rampant in the US

I've got a riddle for you. What is it that we see working mostly at night, eating sugary and greasy food? What is it that makes people cringe in disgust when they see it? What is it that is the butt of bad jokes? I used the work, "it", because it reminds me of a cockroach. Who is it that earns less money? Who is it that is denied health insurance?

Eating Disorder Article: How to Treat Ambivalence With an Anorexic Daughter

Over the years I have seen too many girls and women get stuck before they even start. It is heartbreaking for me a therapist to watch and I'm not her parent. Why do they get stuck? I believe it has a lot to do with ambivalence. She feels ambivalence in multiple areas: She has a problem or she doesn't have a problem She wants to eat or she doesn't want to eat She wants to let someone help her or she doesn't want to let someone help her And probably more.

Eating Disorder Article: The Devil and the Angel on My Daughter's Anorexic Shoulder

This may sound kind of hokey but the title gives a vivid image of what your daughter experiences when she tries to eat. There are a lot of cartoons, movies and television commercials that depict this epic struggle, but they don't even come close to describing the raging conflict going on in your child's mind about food. Why is it so important for you to understand this struggle?

Body Dysmorphia - My Friend Kate

I recently found out quite a lot about body dysmorphia. Body dysmorphic disorder or (BDD). I'm not sure if I had even heard of it before. That is, before my friend Kate was diagnosed with it. She is a lovely girl is Kate. She is 21 and very beautiful with a perfect figure. I have always been a little jealous of her figure if I am honest. She can eat whatever she wants and never puts on weight and I just look at a cheeseburger and I put on 5lb.

Effective Anorexia Cure and Natural Treatment

Anorexia is short form of Anorexia Nervosa. It literally means loss of appetite. It is an eating disorder. The cause of this disorder is not physical but psychological. People suffering from anorexia are convinced that they are fat or overweight, but usually body weight of such person is nearly 15 percent less than their ideal body weight. There are some techniques used by them to lose weight such as fewer intakes of food that too in small amount, strenuous exercise and usage of laxatives.

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