Psychological Effects Of Weed: Overcoming The Addiction

For long-term users of marijuana the psychological effects of weed can be intensive the longer the substance is used. For those that tend to smoke weed heavily over a pro-longed period of time the psychological effects of weed tend to become more intense. The most common complaint is that of paranoia. It develops into somewhat of a mental health problem as many users end up being treated for conditions such as depression and furthermore can even start to develop the onset of schizophrenia.

A Natural Weed Detox For Weed Addiction

There are more and more facilities popping up that offer the complete weed detox solutions for detoxing your body of the chemicals found within marijuana. While the THC chemical isn't physically addictive there a lot more chemicals in the pot that have the tendency to form an addiction. Over 150 cannibinoids can be found within the vast majority of marijuana.

Drug Rehab Is Often the Saving Grace For An Addict

Someone who is interested in helping a friend or family member find a good drug rehab program should do a good deal of research before they approach the individual they wish to help. There are various drug rehab programs that will offer guarantees of success when the program they offer is actually not tailored to the kind of help desired. Other programs are shown to be versatile and work with people in a comfortable environment, attending to their health problems that might be associated with their particular drug dependence.

It Worked for Me - Give Up Drinking

I gave up drinking on January 3rd 2009 for the first time in 40 years of progressively heavy drinking. I hope these points can be of some help in pointing out some tips on how to win the battle against drinking. Enter into this project with faith in yourself, don't feel guilty or irresponsible, just recognise you have to do something and that it will be difficult.

Analysis of Rapid Drug Detox

Drug rehab professionals have seen all techniques for opiate withdrawal. Outdated drug rehabilitation can include excruciating and unsafe detoxification periods, with a statistical failure rate of 85% and 90%. There is another process that may be considered. Rapid detoxification is a choice for addicts battling with addictions to heroin, prescription medications, or other opioids, and it is said to be a far less painful mode of rehabilitation.

More Marijuana Questions

Does Marijuana Lead to Harder Drugs? This is a loaded question. (No pun) The way this one is always phrased makes marijuana out to be a "soft drug". All drugs have their own problematic side effects and marijuana is no exception. But of the many thousands of drugs out there, smoked marijuana is far above even the half-way mark for being dangerous.

Children And Drugs - How Do You Talk About It?

One of the biggest fears for parents and carers is drug use amongst their children. In 2007 the NHS information centre found that 25% of pupils in England had reported using drugs at least once. For concerned parents, its sometimes easy to focus on the quarter of young people reporting lifetime drug use, not the three quarters who have never tried it.

Young People and Drugs - What Makes Some More Vulnerable?

No matter what prevention strategies we implement, some young people will unfortunately run into very serious problems in relation to drugs and alcohol. Thankfully these are the minority of drug using under 18's, the NTA (National Treatment Agency) puts the figure of young people in drug treatment at 24, 053 (Oct 2010) this figure does not necessarily mean all in treatment have serious drug and alcohol problems, but does indicate they did require further support.

Fixing Health Care: Indiscriminate Drug Use

Having spent more than forty years in the health care industry I have seen more than my share of people who casually took drugs, either over-the-counter or prescription only, and their excuse was almost uniformly "to get through the day". The more I practiced pharmacy, the greater my concern grew for a society way too dependent on drugs, or medications.

ADHD Children at Greater Risk for Substance Abuse As Adults

Each year, more and more children are diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). These children suffer from symptoms ranging from general hyperactivity, to complete lapses in attention over short spans of time. ADHD is a serious disorder in itself; but it has now been proven that kids with ADHD may be at greater risk for substance abuse as a future adult.

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