Solar Urticaria - Is There Hope?

Solar urticaria is a very rare condition, which until recently couldn't be treated. It is a very complex disorder, and it's still not clear what is causing it exactly. What we know is that solar urticaria patients lack a certain long-chain amino-acid, and when the patient is supplied with it - the disease often subsides. Keep reading to learn more.

Urticaria Hives - Can It Be Eliminated Naturally?

Eliminating urticaria hives is easy, but in order to do that you need to be following the right approach. It is very important that you properly educate yourself, and not start treatments, which in the long run - will do more harm than good. Keep reading to learn more. Urticaria hives is a disease, which affects the skin. The symptoms are usually very noticeable, and it's extremely important that you do all you can to eliminate the disease.

Male Thrush Is Not A Manly Thing

Despite some common myths, Thrush in males can actually occur. It is a rare infection but as long as you are away of the male Thrush symptoms then you will be able to move ahead with treatment and prevention techniques. There are many treatment options like Diflucan, Nystatin, Tea Tree Oil, Gentian Violet and Collidial Silver but a lot of them have many risks and can be even more harmful to you than a simple dose of Candida.

Natural Remedies For Thrush

One of the biggest known Natural remedies for Thrush that occurs in the vagina or on the penis is applying yogurt. The yogurt must be sugar and additive free but if you apply it to the infected area for 7-14 days it may help clear up your infection. Any cream or pill you get will take that long to start clearing up your Thrush symptoms anyway. For breast feeding mothers Grapefruit extract can be a great way to help clear up the infection too.

Recurring Thrush

If you are dealing with recurring Thrush and have not gotten medical attention yet, do not wait any longer. If your attempts at treatment have not worked that the Thrush may be chronic and require some type of medication to keep yourself clean and healthy. When Thrush does reoccur in your body, it is usually a good indicator that you have a weakened immune system.

Candida Infection - The Causes

The symptoms for Candida infection can vary and will show up in different area of the body such as mouth, genital parts, throat and gastro-intestinal tract. This is referred to by several names such as yeast infections or Candida Albicans and will normally be present inside the body from birth. Affected individuals will be better off, if this is maintained in balance with additional body functions since any imbalance could cause overgrowth problem and change the balance of the body, which will in turn increase the risk for an infection.

Human Tapeworm

Tapeworms have been infesting our intestines and our body from ages ago. A few decades ago, scientists believed that tapeworm showed up when we decided to domesticate pigs and cattle, about ten thousand years back. Now we know that link between humans and tapeworms goes way back. Also, researches have discovered that our ancestors got infected by different tapeworm when they started consuming worm - infested meat.

Rosacea Natural Treatment - Is There Such a Thing?

The rosacea natural treatment is probably the only method in existence, to permanently eliminate the condition, and all its symptoms. It is based on the fact that roughly 94% of rosacea patients lack a certain amino-acid, which is present in healthy people. Taking supplements with the amino-acid, or simply eating foods rich in it, immediately makes the symptoms and redness disappear.

Cushings Disease - Key Facts You Should Know About This Disease

The body is composed of nearly a dozen different systems which all aim to work together to ensure the body stays healthy and functioning well. The endocrine system is one of the little known systems but problems arising from this can have serious consequences. Cushings disease is by no means a rare disease, and you will be surprised at the amount of people who are affected by it.

Cushings Disease - The Importance Of Understanding This Disease

There are hundreds upon hundreds of different medical conditions that one can suffer from, some more serious than others. The key with many diseases is that if you recognize it early enough the chances that you will recover or at least improve your quality of life will increase dramatically. Cushings disease is one such condition and it is important to understand the implications of it.

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