The Dangers of Take Home Asbestos Exposure

The traditional image of a mesothelioma victim isn't a mother of young children or a man just entering his prime, but rather a retired auto worker or Navy veteran who was exposed to high doses of asbestos throughout his career. Unfortunately, more and more people who do not fit the stereotype are being diagnosed with mesothelioma. While they may not have been exposed to asbestos through their job, they are the sons, daughters and spouses of people who unknowingly brought asbestos home with them after work.

What Is Epistaxis?

Have you ever heard someone using the term epistaxis? Perhaps your curiosity about this word or more details about what it is led to you look for information about it -- such as on this page. To begin with, it's a medical term, and it refers to what many people would call a nosebleed. Since we are talking about things in the medical area, please do consider that what you find here is not intended to be a replacement for details that come from someone who is a professional.

Never Take Your Health for Granted!

Our health is our wealth. That is why many people are taking too much vitamins and supplements just to care for their own condition. These are good for prevention purposes. But what if you are already affected by a certain disease? Then, probably an immunization done best in Garden City is the best remedy to trust to. They also have a professional treatment infection team in Taylor to attend to all our health concerns.

What Is Really Known About Epilepsy?

If you were approached and asked for a definition of Epilepsy, what would your response be? Do you know enough about the neurological disease to give an actual answer to such a question? Many of us believe we could fish around in our brain to pull out a logical answer but often times there are many myths, misconceptions and prejudices that surround Epilepsy as a whole.

Silent Killer Diseases - The Worst of the Worst

Many illnesses have only minor symptoms when they first start. Unless a doctor has checked for these health conditions, your first clue could be when something really bad has already occurred, such as a heart attack or stroke. Cancer is one such disease. Many types, including ovarian and pancreatic cancer have very vague symptoms, if any at all.

Cold Sore Treatments: Hope on the Horizon

Whether you have had it your whole life, or have recently been diagnosed, the sores are no laughing matter. It's gross, it's embarrassing, and it takes its toll on your day-to-day life. There are few diseases in today's world that perplex the medical community as much as the herpes virus. Leaving sufferers perplexed and hopeless. Probably the most disturbing thing about cold sores is the fact that there is no known cure.

How to Cure Cancer Without Medication

Are you suffering from cancer and finding yourself unable to cure? All the doctors give you this medicine and that medicine but you still don't seem to cure? People tell you that there is no cure for cancer. But on the other hand, have you heard of true stories that people have successfully healed from cancer? What is their secret? I will tell you their secret;

Can Fatty Liver Be Reversed? Learn the Proper Way

When it comes to the condition of the liver, everybody is concerned. Why? That's because it is one of the organs of the body that has a lot of important functions. So, any malfunction may cause a lot of problems. It is also a sensitive part of the body that if damaged, can be the cause of one's death. Liver fats when left unattended can be very threatening because it hinder or slow down the work of the liver.

Eliminate Tonsilloliths

Before I explain to you the way to eliminate Tonsil Stones, I'd like you to to realize what they are and just where they originate from. Tonsil rocks, or tonsil stones as they're also defined as, come about from junk that gets stuck within your tonsillar crypts. In laymen's terms, these crypts are crevices within your tonsils. Clearly, if your tonsils have been taken out, you would not have this problem.

How to Live With a Gluten Allergy

Are you one of the many folks who suffer from vague digestive complaints such as gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea? Could be that you suffer from celiac disease or a gluten allergy. As Americans strive to eat healthier by increasing amounts of grain in the diet, many people note untoward reactions. Ironically, the foods that are supposed to provide fiber and bulk - wheat bread, rye bread and multi-grain breads and cereals, are now a source of vague complaints such as weight loss, fatigue and anemia.

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