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Deadly Pains - 4 Fatal Pains That You Should Never Ignore

We all experience pain, but what exactly can we classify as being fatal. In this article, I will be sharing with you four such situations that can possibly be fatal. 4 Deadly Pains: 1) Sitting for too long. This is a hurt you feel in your legs. Basically what this causes is deep vain thrombosis. This is a condition in which a blood clot is formed in a vein deep in the body. In this case it is in your legs. The problem happens when blood won't circulate too well up to your heart. So, basically you develop clots in your legs. The next thing is when you go to stand up, the clots that have already formed in your legs will fire up to your heart and go your lungs.

Treatment For Acid Reflux - Home Remedy

Once you have acid reflux and you can only rely on treatment for acid reflux to ease out the pain, what are the options available to you? Indeed, it's very uncomfortable while at the same time very distressing to experience this condition. Just imagine the feeling of acid in your mouth is a thing that you will not surely appreciate. It's as if you tried to change the position of your organs. So if you want to be free from so much discomfort while at the same time have a handy cure whenever the condition will strike, finding the best treatment for acid reflux that will work for you is sure to be of help. It is also important to note that the condition can be due to a number of things including the following: excessive alcohol intake some drugs such as sedatives and antidepressants smoking consuming a large meal increased levels of some hormones especially among expecting mothers preference to oily and fatty food stuff stress eating before going to bed certain disease such as hiatal hernias or scleroderma There are a number of home remedies you can actually choose from as a cure for this condition.

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Disinfectants May Help Superbugs Resist Antibiotics

Using disinfectants could help superbug bacteria become resistant not only to the disinfectant itself but to antibiotics, even if they have not been exposed to them, according to a new study from Ireland: the findings could be important step in the fight to prevent superbugs spreading in hospitals. The study is the work of lead author Dr Gerard Fleming from the National University of Ireland (NUI) in Galway, and colleagues, and is available to read online in the January issue of Microbiology. Fleming heads NUI's Marine Microbiology Laboratory, where as well as researching deep ocean microbes, he and his team investigate cross-resistance between biocide and antibiotics in human pathogens, and assess agricultural workers' exposure to health hazards.

Natural Remedies For Heartburn - Totally Natural Relief From Heartburn

Should you be concerned about the medication that you take for your heartburn? Do natural remedies for heartburn offer a safer, healthier alternative? To answer these questions, read on.. Heartburn at its mildest is simply a temporary inconvenience, experienced by most people at some time or other. However, regular attacks can develop into extremely serious, sometimes fatal conditions. For the pharmaceutical industry, the treatment of Heartburn generates huge financial returns, so what incentive do they have to develop a cure? On the contrary, they are constantly developing new prescribed and over-the-counter medications to simply treat the complaint.

Improving Blood Sugar Levels Through Proper Diet

A high sugar level in the blood is very common for diabetics and most of them are not taking medication to improve their condition. A lot of different complications are caused by high sugar levels in the blood. Proper precaution and constant monitoring of this level is a must if you have diabetes. Having a lower sugar level will result to a healthier life and can help lower your risk against various problems. Hyperglycemia or in layman's term high blood sugar can result to various complications that can affect your health if not detected and treated early. Constant monitoring and learning new ways to avoid elevation of sugar levels in the blood must be done especially for people having diabetes mellitus.

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Extremely Drug Resistant TB Case Uncovered In US

The first known case of a patient with an extremely drug resistant form of tuberculosis in the US came to light recently when the Associated Press (AP) media agency reported the plight of a 21 year old Peruvian man Oswaldo Juarez, who arrived in the US two years ago to study English and then found himself spending most of that time fighting for his life as he underwent treatment after treatment to try and rid him of the highly aggressive form of TB. The case had not been made public until now: AP reporters came across it when they were doing a six month review of the "soaring global challenge of drug resistance", according to an Associated Press article published in the Baltimore Sun at the weekend.

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