Every Day Is A Struggle

Several years ago I got sick and was hospitalized because I was having small strokes and also had some small clots in my lungs as well. I had a hysterectomy while in there because of endometriosis and after the surgery the blood doctor, known as Hematologist, was getting me on a regime on blood thinners to keep my blood where it needed to be, without making me ill with the opposite problem. This disorder, known as Lupus Anticoagulant or Antiphosolipid Protein Syndrome had totally changed my life.

At the same time as I was in the hospital with all of this I was also diagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue syndrome. This was all a little bit more than I could handle at the time mentally. So we then add Depression to that list! It has been quite a struggle! I am enough medications to choke a horse and was also taking injections of Lovenox, a blood thinner, twice a day because I am resistant to other medication for this issue.

I found myself at this point unable to work or do anything. I had several surgeries related to my disorders and bleeding, and bleeding issues also after a heart cath. I got paralyzed on my right side when this happened. I had apparently bled out of my femoral artery into my leg and the bleeding damaged all the nerves in my leg. I could not walk or do much for myself. I lay in an ICU bed being transfused with 9 units of blood and totally out of it. I had several more surgeries on the site in my leg and then put on what is known as a wound vacuum. Once I could walk with a walker I could go home. It took me several days still before I could break lose.

Once home I felt so much better. I could sleep in my own bed, be with the family, and see the dog! It was also Christmas time so that made things cheerful and I was so ill that the hospital had contacted the Red Cross and had my son sent home.

At home I also had Home Health Nursing and physical therapy visiting so I was in good hands. It took me several months to recover to the person I am today, not the same person at all. I now walk with a cane and fight pain daily in the leg that got injured and am unable to return to work. I have now ended up on disability and SSI. Before I was an active business woman and this was the hardest thing for me to do, as I loved my job!

So today my life is different. I am thankful to be alive and have more faith in God, but I cannot really drive and go out and so things. I have taken to blogging and writing articles and using my brain if not able to use my body! I am thankful I have a supportive family that understands my moods and pains and do what they can for me.

You never know what is going to happen to you. One day I was a productive member of society and the next day I became handicapped! Be thankful for what you have, as someday you may not be so lucky. Do not take anything for granted and whatever your faith is, stay strong with your higher being so you have that to fall back on when you are faced with life's trials and tribulations!

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