Type 2 Diabetes - Drugs Versus Diet and Lifestyle Change!

If only this were the '80s, when the inspiration for an entire social movement was an offhand comment by a First Lady who just said, "just say no! " As in, all you have to do is refuse the drugs, and the problem will end. While this is a rather naive sentiment and assumes some untrue things about humanity, well, maybe that's political leaders for you!

Type 2 Diabetes - Does Alcohol Really Affect Your Blood Sugar Level?

A word about alcohol... many would say unwise is the word! Unwise is the most major word that can be applied to drinking alcohol in excess. So if you have been overindulging in alcohol in the past and you have Type 2 diabetes, it would be wise to temper those ways. After all, there are numerous ways in which alcohol affects your blood, your ability to do necessary things, your judgment, and even your weight (which also can, pardon the pun, weigh heavily on your health).

Type 2 Diabetes - Carbs: The Good, The Bad And The GI!

Carbohydrates give pretty much everybody a sort of love hate relationship. On the one hand, everybody needs carbohydrates if they want to live onward. They just are not optional. But on the other hand, you need to eat the right kinds of carbs, or you will find the life you do live is not an especially healthy one. In fact, eating the wrong kinds of carbs can be as bad as choosing the wrong mate;

Type 2 Diabetes - Will There Ever Be a Cure for Diabetes?

If you've been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, or worse if someone you love has, you would be perfectly justified in feeling greatly frustrated at how there isn't a cure for it in sight. After all, illnesses like the bubonic plague, which used to kill people in short order, can now be "killed off" in a matter of weeks using antibiotics, and cancers which were lethal to our parents' generation can now be removed with, well, surgical precision (or nuked into non-issues using chemotherapy and radiation therapy).

Type 2 Diabetes - Why Would You Need to Start Taking Insulin?

Type 2 diabetes springs from defects in the mechanisms of secretion and the utilization of insulin, the hormone that facilitates the transfer of energy-providing glucose, a type of sugar, across cell membranes. With decreased energy utilization, the cells demand more glucose supply. To try to meet glucose needs, the pancreas works double time to produce more insulin.

Reduce the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes With Leafy Green Vegetables

In a recent study conducted in England at the University of Leicester, researchers discovered that having a diet high in green leafy vegetables can reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Researchers at the university studied the results of six previous studies which examined the relationship between vegetable consumption and Diabetes. The six studies were conducted on 220, 000 adults in total.

Type 2 Diabetes - A New Type of Sweetener That May Also Help Diabetics To Lose Weight!

Tagatose is a simple sugar found in small quantities in dairy products and can be made from lactose, the prevalent sugar in milk. Only 20 percent eaten is fully metabolized, mainly in the liver, and follows a pathway in the body similar to fructose (fruit sugar). It is almost as sweet as sucrose, or table sugar, but has only 38 per cent of the calories.

How to Reverse Diabetes Neuropathy Retinopathy in 12 Months?

Introduction I met a wise man in year 1990 when during that time we are travelling on a motor vehicle and in the midst of traffic jam. He has commented that should a country need to be prosperous and in prosperity, there must be a good road infrastructure where there is no traffic jam. I am wondering what does it really means in the analogy of no road traffic jam and the country prosperous and prosperity.

Diabetes - Types and Complications

Diabetes is a condition in which there is an excessive amount of glucose in body. This occurs mainly as a result of an inability of body to metabolize glucose completely. Glucose is necessary in for fulfilling the energy requirements of body. Insulin is a hormone secreted by pancreas, which metabolizes glucose. Diabetes can either be a result of an insufficient production of insulin by body or an inability of the body to utilize the insulin produced.

Type 1 Diabetics Are Entitled to Long Term Insurance

If you are type 1 diabetic then you are aware of the hardships that people suffering from getting lifetime insurance since the company would often tend to stay away from people who are suffering from this disease because they know that diabetics has a shorter life span. Insurance companies automatically decline type 1 diabetes patients without any consideration about the case the individual falls in.

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