Diabetes - A Common Cause of Gastroparesis

Diabetes is the most common cause of gastroparesis, or delayed gastric emptying. That's because high blood sugar causes chemical changes in nerves, including the vagus nerve, which controls the movement of food through the digestive tract. High blood sugar also damages the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to the nerves, further impairing their functioning.

Guidelines for Living With Diabetes

Listed below are some diabetes guidelines that you can use to help you manage your diabetes and avoid the possible serious complications that are associated with this disease. Strategies for Diabetes Management When you have diabetes it is essential that you exercise at least three to four times a week for between 20 to 40 minutes each time. Routine exercise has been proven to improve your blood sugars, decrease the risk of heart disease, and help you lose weight.

Type 2 Diabetes - When Not To Exercise With Diabetes!

Living with Type 2 diabetes can be challenging, but it certainly helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But when you have this condition, there are certain instances when it is not advisable to exercise. Knowing when these are is crucial so that you do not create additional complications for yourself. The reasons for exercise are many, including the most obvious ones.

Type 2 Diabetes - When Your Doctor Says You Have Diabetes!

Receiving the news that you have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes can be tough to accept. But, rest assured, with the advances in technology and the vast amounts of available knowledge, doctors know so much more about the disease and how to cope with it than just a few decades ago. The first thing to remember is not to lose hope. There are countless people who have diabetes and lead a long, fulfilling life.

Type 2 Diabetes - Which Diabetes Medication Works Best After A Heart Attack?

A group of researchers in the Cardiology Unit, Department of Medicine, Karolinska Institute in Sweden, set out to discover how diabetics who had suffered a heart attack responded to various kinds of treatments. The results of their work were published in the February 2011 publication of the journal Diabetologia. One thousand one hundred and forty-five patients with Type 2 diabetes who had suffered a heart attack were included in the study.

Type 2 Diabetes - Pancreas Transplants As It Relates To Diabetes!

Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can be a life-altering and debilitating condition that hinders people in their way of life. It is also responsible for a wide array of other complications including: kidney disease high blood pressure, and a degenerative eye condition known as retinopathy In some cases, the individual can develop by-products of fat breakdown called ketones, which, when left untreated, can progress into heart disease, coma or even death.

Diabetes Cure: A Roadmap To a Reversing Diabetes

You First Need To Change Your Mindset Traditional medicine teaches you to "manage" your diabetes. Everything in traditional treatment revolves around "controlling" your blood sugar. You will need a radical shift in how you approach things if you want to reverse your diabetes. "Managing the disease" and "controlling blood sugar" is not going to cure diabetes!

Foods to Avoid When You Have High Blood Sugar

When there is talk of blood sugar, usually doctors think of glycogen, which is the fuel source the body uses to power all functions. It is derived from glucose, which is produced in the liver which transforms it form different sources such as body fat or carbohydrates, which in turn can be found in all kinds of food such as bread or pasta. It stands to reason then that the foods you eat will influence your blood sugar, as in the spectacular case of "baguette", the famous French white bread that causes an immediate spike in the blood sugar because of its staggeringly high 98 on the GI (Glycemic Index) list.

Life Expectancy Of A Diabetic

Diabetes can be broadly classified into two types - Type 1 diabetes, also called juvenile diabetes, and Type 2 diabetes that primary affects older adults. Gestational diabetes occurs in women during pregnancy or lactation stages and can be cured with appropriate treatment. All types of diabetes result in excess glucose levels in the blood and this can lead to severe health complications that may even be fatal if left untreated.

Type 2 Diabetes - Infertility And Diabetes: Is There A Connection?

When a woman decides that she wants to have a baby, it can be a very exciting time. However, for a woman who is diabetic, be it Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, having a child can present certain challenges that other women don't have to consider. Diabetes can cause problems with fertility that need to be treated early so that a woman can best preserve her ability to have a family.

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