Brain Waves and Depression

People suffering from depression disorder, especially chronic depression, have certain pattern of their brain waves. There are only five different brain waves which we have: - Beta is the one for the wide awake state of mind. Usually people with not enough beta waves suffer from depression. Beta waves control emotional stability, our levels of concentration and awareness of our surroundings.

Six Common Causes Of Depression

Maybe because of the state of the economy or the ceaseless bickering in Washington, but it seems that more and more people are suffering the symptoms of depression. Outside factors are not the only, or even the primary, causes of stress. In fact, all reputable medical research says that there is not one single cause of depression. Instead, depression seems to come from a wide variety of causes.

How Rejection Causes Depression And Social Anxiety

Rejection is one of the main causes of depression and social anxiety. Understanding why may help you combat and even overcome some of your depression and social anxieties. Rejection causes a series of emotional and spiritual issues that need to be addressed. God did not create us to be antisocial. The need for human companionship, love, acceptance, and even touch is intrinsic to our natures.

Time Heals Your Heart

We all go through times of sadness and times of joy. Empty nesters often feel sad or blue when they are faced with the challenges of being older and the lack of companionship and interaction provided by one's children in the execution of their daily lives. It is also normal to feel blue with a marriage break-up or the loss of a loved one through death.

Depression During the Change of Life

Depression is one of the signs that a woman is likely to be in the perimenopausal stage of menopause. The perimenopausal stage is the phase that leads up to the menopausal stage. Studies have shown that between 8 and 15 percent of menopausal women forms some sort of depression. I am sure that these figures are low and that there are many more woman than reported because when a person is depressed and they tend to not want to talk about depression or any problem with mood swings.

How To Avoid Stress At The Office

Job demands by a dictatorial boss and hectic working atmosphere often makes us easy to get stressed. Do not underestimate this, because the office stress that comes easy can endanger health of our heart. Office stress which is also called workplace stress can disturb the body's metabolism. A little pressure on the job sometimes can make us become more productive and improve our performance.

Mood Charting to Help With Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Mood charting has been around for several years now and is available in several hard copy versions along with internet and smart phone applications. The general premise of a mood chart is to track those events and actions that can be predictors of ones mood and which may influence it, that is to say become more elevated or depressed. If ones mood was associated with just a few sets of variables the therapists work would be straight forward and pretty simple, yet we know the interaction of sleep, diet, medication, (prescribed and non prescribed) physical health, alcohol consumption and outside stressor all play an important role in our mood.

Combating Depression By Building Self-Confidence

One of the main causes of depression is a lack of self-confidence. When we no longer believe in ourselves, we begin to fall into a pit of depression and anxiety. This is a Pastor's take on building self-confidence. On one hand, we are all filled with some degree of insecurity. For most people, looking into the mirror is not a confidence booster, but is an exercise in self-deception as we try to ignore or explain away our own insecurities.

A Perspective On Depression And The Significance of Therapy

Depression takes on a lot of forms and can be often described in unique words. You might be able to relate to that since everyone feels depressed about something at one time or another. But we are speaking about individuals who are scientifically or chronically depressed. You'll find quite a few signs commonly experienced, and perhaps one of the universal feelings is an absence of unfettered pleasure during everyday living.

How to Fight Seasonal Depression

If the holiday season makes you shudder with distress rather than quiver with delight, it may not be Christmas or New Year's Day that bothers you. It could be a condition known as SAD, or Seasonal Affectedness Disorder. This is a common problem in winter, and more frequent the further towards the poles you get. There are things that can be done for SAD and many of them can be done at home.

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