Depression And Loneliness - 5 Connections

One thing that you should know is that when someone is depressed they tend to feel lonely. Loneliness and depression can result from different situations. The two are entirely based on the things that happen in your day to day life. 5 reasons why depression causes loneliness 1 You can be depressed when you lose a family friend. The depression will cause a state of feeling lonely as you will be sad and greatly affected.

Homeopathy and Depression

Depression is the state of a person in having a low mood. A person with depression can also manifest avoidance from physical activity, thus affecting the whole body functioning. Depression is a normal response of the body, but it can also be serious especially in cases that a person with depression attempts suicide or harms him or herself. Obvious signs that a person has or is developing depression can manifests the following;

The Relationship Between Fear, Anxiety, And Depression

Ultimately, all our depression and anxiety are born out of some sort of fear or the realization of a fear. Fear, according to the Bible, brings torment. This article explores the various mental, emotional, and spiritual torments that often lead to depression and anxiety. There is a direct correlation between fear and depression. In fact, you will discover that highly depressed people often have fears that are very real to them and very near to their thinking.

Has Depression Got You Feeling Anxious?

It may sound like on odd question "Has depression got you feeling anxious" because depression and anxiety are two separate things in many people's minds. But the fact is they are intrinsically linked. One might just as easily ask you "are you anxious because you are depressed?". When I was hit with a double dose of both, I went to see a shrink. He explained to me that I was simply depressed, and anxiety is brought on by depression.

I Feel Down - What To Do When You Feel Down

As you've probably already guessed, life is full of challenges, surprises and roadblocks. One day, you might be having the best time of your life, and the next, you feel completely down as you learn that you have stage one lung cancer. However, just as life holds many wonderful surprises, how do we handle and go through the rough times that we receive on such a regular basis?

Anger Can Cause Depression - 3 Reasons Why

Provided in this article are three reasons why anger is known to cause depression: 1. You might get angry when you are reacting to something; for example, during an argument. It is right to be angry but you should know how to control your anger. Failure to manage your anger will lead to depression. Anger is caused by different conditions both internal and external.

Overcome Depression - 3 Ways To Boost Self Confidence

Self confidence is the worth you hold on yourself personally and if in case it is affected, then you stand a risk of suffering from depression. The main connection between depression and self confidence is all about the manner in which a person thinks. Depression enhances feelings of worthlessness which in turn roots for depression. Psychologists describe depression as negative feelings towards oneself, the future and the world in general.

Depression And Dream Therapy 5 Facts You Should Know

Dream therapy is a method that is used to know the psychology of the patient. This method derives elements and images from dreams which help in understanding the psychology of the patient. Dreams are very important aspects in this therapy as they are recorded and analyzed. The therapy is useful to those patients that have been diagnosed with depression.

Depression Takes on Different Forms

Clinical depression is a serious illness. It's important to know which form/type you're dealing with. Depression can last for weeks, months and even years. In addition, it can be remittent. The severity can range from not wanting, or being able, to eat, function, or work at optimal capacity, to contemplating suicide. The most common forms of depression are Major Depression, Dysthymia, and Bipolar.

Depression: How to Recognize It in Seniors

Depression in older adults is relatively common. Yet, the causes and symptoms in this population tend to be misunderstood and too often overlooked. Medication interactions, life circumstances, and simple aging can make depression hard to recognize. Even though depression is never normal, older people tend to suffer from the condition in disproportionately high amounts and are a segment of the population least likely to get treatment.

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